“Glee” Episode 206 Recap: And Kurt’s Still Never Been Kissed


Back in the halls, Puck swoops down on Artie and says he’s taking him under his wing as his community
service, a requirement of his probation from juvie. He can’t go back to the
detention center, he tells Artie; "There are no chicks, and no kosher meal

And as they pass by, football goon (I should look up his
name, shouldn’t I? Okay, it’s Dave
, played by Max Adler)
goes after Kurt again. But this time Kurt lashes out. "What is your problem?"

Goon, er, Dave, is all, "Do you want a piece of the
fury?" Which it turns out is his pet name for his fist.

"With that level of creativity," Kurt tells him,
"you could end up being assistant manager at a rendering plant."

"I don’t know what that is," Dave replies,
"but if I find out it’s bad, the fury’s gonna find you." Said with a slam against the locker for emphasis.

Finally an adult notices Kurt’s repeated crash landings
against a bank of lockers; Mr. Schue sits him down, gives him a cup of water (does
he think Kurt is Cindy Lou Who, who was not more than two?) and asks, "Is
there anything I can do?"

"No," Kurt says. "This is my hill to climb

Okay, Kurt’s wrong and being a drama queen, but hello, Mr.
Schuester. You’re an adult. You don’t ask the teenage queer kid who is being
slammed around by a homophobic goon if there’s anything you can do. You
freaking well figure out what you need to do and then you do it. Complete fail.

Ah, but it gets worse.

"Can I be honest?" Will says. "I think it’s
getting to you. [Ya think???] Usually this stuff [what, being bashed????] just
rolls right off your back. But lately, you’ve been belligerent, angry, pushing
people away…"

Kurt snaps back, "Can I be honest with you? You and
everyone else at this school are too quick to let homophobia slide. And your
lesson plans are boring and repetitive. I mean, boys against girls? That
doesn’t challenge any of us."

Will meeps how Kurt’s just mad because he wouldn’t let him
sing with the girls, and Kurt stands up and says, sure, he’s lonely and unhappy
because he’s the only out gay kid in the school, but his real problem is he’s
never challenged at McKinley. Too fierce
for this world, Kurt.

Will does take what Kurt says to heart, and tightens up the
Glee Club challenge by saying the boys have to sing songs traditionally done by
girl groups, and the girls have to do hard/classic rock (because, of course,
Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde, and Melissa Etheridge were never born.
But I digress.)

So Sam and Quinn
are making out, and I’d skip that whole scene because what on earth is the
advantage of writing for a totally queer website if you have to cover the
opposite sex kissing stuff, but damn them, they snuck some plot in there.
Basically Sam calls Quinn "Beiste" during a heated moment when he
invokes his coach’s lingerie-clad image to help prevent a little unwanted

Quinn storms off to Sue
for advice (say what?), and Sue sees it as a possible way to rid herself of
Coach Beiste and get her full budget back. She encourages Quinn to make a big
public scene with Sam about the issue.

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