“Glee” Episode 204 Recap: “Don’t Go Breakin’ Kurt and Brittany’s Hearts”

Quinn and Sam go to Breadsticks, and we learn that he does terrible
impressions, puts his foot in his mouth easily and often, went to an all-boys
school before, and yes, fans, he dyes his hair. Oh, and he’s not gay, although
he does have a secret, and we don’t know what it is yet. And he and Quinn
decide it’s a date after all.

At the next table is Brittany,
alone, pushing a meatball across the table with her nose. Again, Ryan Murphy,
what exactly do you have against me that you keep trying to make me die?

Kurt and Rachel do a brilliant duet of "Come On, Get Happy" and
"Happy Days Are Here Again." Mostly we see them singing and the class
reacting, but we also get some heartbreaking little clips of Brittany wandering
sadly through the halls, alone, and Kurt tenderly covering his sleeping father
with a blanket.

No Sue tonight. And no Emma. And really, hardly anyone but
the Glee Club. Kind of nice after the guest-star-palooza that opened the

And in two weeks: Rocky Horror!

Last page. Our favorite #gaysharks tweets!

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