“Glee” Episode 204 Recap: “Don’t Go Breakin’ Kurt and Brittany’s Hearts”


Mike Chang and Tina have decided to do "Sing" from A Chorus Line,
which is basically perfect for their situation. He’s really very funny, but I’m
sorry, guys: No abs this week, either.

We do get Santana snarking that they should hurry up and get it over with so
she and Mercedes can get to Breadsticks, and Brittany lifts her head off Artie’s shoulder
and says, "Don’t count on it. I’m mad at you. But you’re still so

Ryan Murphy, why why why are you trying so hard to kill me?

Next we get a cute bit of candy for the Faberry fans and the Sam/Finn shippers
– I have no idea what you do with their names; Fim? Sinn? that’s it. Sinn. Anyway,
what we get is Finn lecturing Sam in the gym and Rachel slinking around Quinn
in the bathroom (what is it with her and bathrooms?), trying to get them to
sing their duet together after all.

So now the duet is back on. And wow, they’re "Sinn," too. Weird.

Then we have Artie schooling the divine Miss Brittany in how to sing, but he quits in the
beginning because, he says, he still has feelings for someone else.

"The Clintons?"

But she knows it’s Tina, and says she’ll help him. Then she scoops him up in
her arms and carries him to her bed. "You’re on the football team now
anyway," she says. "We’d have gotten around to this at some

"Am I about to lose my virginity?" he whispers.

"Before we duet, we’re gonna do it," she says.

And blessedly we fade to a commercial.

Tragically, we come back to Finn and Rachel’s duet, the vile Billy Preston and
Syreeta Wright song "In You I’m Born Again." Dressed as a nun and a
priest. It’s saved, though, by the reaction shots.

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