“Glee” Episode 204 Recap: “Don’t Go Breakin’ Kurt and Brittany’s Hearts”

Mercedes and Santana do their duet of  Tina Turner’s "River Deep, Mountain
High" (I ignore the existence of Ike) next, and I wanted to love this. I
did. I love both of them, I think they’re amazing singers, and I love this
song. It just didn’t work.

We see a lot of audience reaction during the song, but we don’t see Brittany until the very
end. She has one finger forlornly on her lip, and looks like she’s about to

Kurt, meanwhile, has tracked Sam down to the showers — this boy takes a lot of
showers. "Don’t worry," Kurt tells him. "I’m not going to go all
Shawshank on you." He’s just setting Sam free to sing his duet with a girl
– "someone the world deems more appropriate."

"You  know," he says on his way out. "They make special
shampoo for color-treated hair."

"I don’t dye my hair," Sam calls after him.

"Uh huh," Kurt says from the other room.

Rachel and Finn blah blah blah.

Tina asks Artie to sing the duet with her, but he’s a total jerk about it. Have
you learned nothing, Artie?

Kurt announces he’ll be doing his solo with "the most talented member of
the Glee Club," himself. He does "Le Jazz Hot" from
Victor/Victoria, saying, "It’s about embracing both the male and the
female. Watch and learn, Santana."

Then Chris Colfer burns up the stage with the help of some "members of
Glee Club and the Cheerios," including folks we’ve never seen before along
with Mike Chang and, I think, Brittany — was that Heather Morris?
Anyway, he was completely scorching.

Then Sam hits on Quinn while trying to get her to sing a duet with him. I don’t
dislike Sam and I really like Quinn, and they have reasonable chemistry, but he
was kind of creepy here, and she storms out. "This year’s about me,"
she says. Word.

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