“Glee” Episode 204 Recap: “Don’t Go Breakin’ Kurt and Brittany’s Hearts”

spurned by Santana, hits on Artie both as a duet partner and her new boyfriend.
Artie’s confused. "You’ve never even made eye contact with me," he

"I know. For a while I thought you were a robot," she says. (Is that
the line of the night?)

Artie can’t quite believe this is happening, but as Brittany wheels him down the hall, she gives
some attitude to Santana, who looks completely bewildered and slightly peeved.
And then Brittany
turns around, points at her breasts, and shakes her finger "no." You
go, Brittany.
Well, go be righteously angry with Santana, but this thing with Artie’s a
little twisted.

Santana looks stunned.

Finn, meanwhile, is trying to convince Sam not to sing with Kurt. But Sam’s resisting.
"I don’t see the big deal," he says. "He emailed me like 60 mp3s
of him singing, and I thought it was Faith Hill. The kid’s good."

"Look," Finn says, "this isn’t about how good Kurt is."
It’s about how being in Glee Club makes you a target, and singing with Kurt
makes you even more of one.

Sam’s confused. Didn’t Finn pitch Glee Club to him as a way to be more popular
and fit in better?

Sure, Finn says.  After we win Nationals. "Until then, you
have to lay low a little bit. And singing with another dude is not laying

"I didn’t realize you had a problem with gay dudes," Sam says. (It’s
worth noting that at this point in the show, we’re not sure what Sam’s own
sexual orientation is.)

"I don’t have a problem with gay dudes," objects Finn. "Everyone
else does. We’re living in their world, and in their world, you singing the
duet with Kurt is a death sentence."

"Well," Sam says, standing up, "I gave him my word. And in my
world, that’s that." I like this guy.

And of course, then he walks out of the locker room and gets slushied by Goon 1
and Goon 2.

Quinn takes him into the bathroom and they bond over being slushied and a
mutual love of the movie Avatar, although he takes it a little too far
for her when he actually starts speaking Na’vi. (Ya think?)

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