“Glee” Episode 204 Recap: “Don’t Go Breakin’ Kurt and Brittany’s Hearts”

Then we’re in the school cafeteria. I honestly don’t know what Kurt is wearing,
some vaguely militaristic outfit — is it French Foreign Legion? Seriously.
What is it?

Anyway, Finn is begging Kurt not to do his duet with Sam, because if they sing
together it’ll be like "painting a bullseye on his back."

Kurt’s dismissive. "Once again your closeted homophobia seeps to the
surface like a cracked cesspool."

"Don’t give me that," Finn snaps. "I know I shouldn’t have used
that word in your basement…" that
being "faggy," for anyone who missed it last season…
"I really like you, Kurt, but the fact of the matter is, the way you were
all over me last year, if I did that to a girl, she’d take out a restraining

"You have issues with me being gay," Kurt responds. "I get

"No, actually, I don’t. I have issues with the fact that you don’t
understand that ‘no’ means ‘no.’"

I realize that some gay men *cough* Michael Jensen *cough* have had problems
with the way Kurt went after Finn last season, but what did he do that was so
horrible? I can’t remember a single time Kurt even touched him, and this from a
guy who was praying to a freaking grilled cheese sandwich to be able to touch
Rachel’s boobs last week? On a show where Puck exploited his Judaism to get
Rachel into bed and seduced and impregnated his best friend’s girlfriend, who
then lied to the non-father throughout her pregnancy? And Kurt‘s the one
who went too far?

Anyway, Finn has never read the first rule of holes (when you’re in one, stop
digging) so he goes on. When Kurt says he just wants to sing with Sam, Finn
replies, "Then you don’t give a damn about any of us. If he sings with
you, I guarantee within a week he’ll take so much crap, he’ll have to quit Glee
Club. Your call, dude." Exit the a-hole.

Finn and Rachel then channel Elton John and Kiki Dee for a rousing duet of
"Don’t Go Breaking My Heart." I don’t know what happened with these
two. Last season, I was really into their little flirty duets, and the way Finn
would jump up from the drums and yet, the beat would miraculously go on, and
then he and Rachel would do their chase-dance around the piano.

This season, it feels forced and formulaic. There’s no chemistry, nothing
between them. Although they’re better here than in the last three episodes,
I’ll give any lurking Finchel shippers that.

They decide they’re so totally awesome that they’ll run away with the prize,
thus demoralizing the rest of the team. They nobly decide to throw the
competition, letting Sam win so he’ll remain in Glee Club and help them get to
Nationals. (Notice how Regionals are a done deal in everyone’s mind this
season, even though last season they came in third?)

Finn says being willing to lose is not like Rachel, and she says that Finn, who
is so kind, inspired her to be a better person. I’m seriously thinking there’s
more to it than that, but it might be because I just don’t trust Rachel ever
since she sent Sunshine to the crack house.

Mike Chang, it turns out, doesn’t want to sing a duet with Tina.
Well, it’s not that he doesn’t want to. It seems Mike can’t sing. But Tina
wants to win the dinner at Breadsticks so they can have a "normal"
night out – i.e., one that doesn’t involve dim sum and his mom going with them.

He wants them to go to Asian couples counseling. Tina wants to know why
everything has to be Asian.

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