Glee Episode 2.03 Recap: It’s “Kurt’s Turn” Tonight


Kurt goes to Mercedes’ church with her, bedecked in a church lady hat ("Christ chic"). She sings "Bridge Over Troubled
Water," backed by the church choir, and it’s almost enough to make you
believe in a higher power to see her having two solos in one episode.

We also get a scene between Sue and her sister, Jean.
"Do you believe in God, Jean?" Sue asks her.

Jean tells Sue that she believes god doesn’t make mistakes,
and asks if Sue wants her to pray for her. Sue is in tears, and says yes.

Kurt’s at the hospital re-fastening his father’s hospital
gown, murmuring how he never did know how to dress himself. He reminisces about
their first Friday night dinner after his mom died, and how when they cut into
the fried chicken it was raw, and they both cracked up before they remembered
they weren’t supposed to.

Then Kurt apologizes for not letting his friends pray for
his dad. "It wasn’t about me, it was about you, and it was nice."
Then he goes on, saying, "I don’t believe in god, Dad, but I believe in
you. And I believe in us. You and me. that’s what’s sacred to me. I’m so sorry
I never got to tell you that."

And then Burt squeezes Kurt’s hand.

The episode wraps up with New Directions singing Joan
Osborne’s "One of Us," which would have been a lot more moving if we
didn’t have to watch Finn eating a week-old sandwich while they sang.

Sue walks in while they’re singing, and Will asks if she’s
going to get him fired or report him.

She just says, "No."

I really did mean to be snarkier than this, but it’s hard to
be snarky when you’re totally sobbing your eyes out. Oh, Glee.

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