Glee Episode 2.03 Recap: It’s “Kurt’s Turn” Tonight

Emma tells her that’s fine if that’s what she believes, but
she should keep it to herself.

"So long as you do the same," Sue says.

This is now officially the best show that’s ever been on

Grilled Cheesus’ work isn’t done, however. A suited-up Finn
is in the locker room, praying to be made quarterback of the team again. Puck
walks in on him, and Finn asks him not to tell anyone he caught him praying
"before he eats."

"It’s cool," Puck says. "To tell you the
truth, I went to temple with my Nana yesterday. I know it makes me a wuss, but
I’m bummed about Kurt’s dad." Which you might think Kurt would have
devoted one of his "three wishes" to, ya know?

Finn then finds himself sitting on the shores of a lake,
under the stars, listening to Rachel doing a kick-ass job of Barbra’s
"Papa, Can You Hear Me?" from Yentl.

The lakeside setting fades into Burt Hummel’s hospital room, where
Kurt looks on stoney-faced while Rachel sings and Carol, Finn, Mercedes and
Quinn listen tearfully.

As the last notes die away, Kurt asks what they’re doing
there. Seems the whole gang thought they’d take turns praying in a
multi-denominational sort of way. Kurt says he didn’t ask them to do that, and
Carol says, "Friends help out even when you don’t ask."

Yes, true, but there’s a difference between praying over
someone’s dad when they’ve made it abundantly clear, more than once, that they
don’t want your prayers. In fact, I think that’s a direct quote.

Finn, of course, ends up becoming quarterback again, just
like he prayed, but only because Sam (remember Sam? Swoopy hair and poofy lips,
neither of which we see because of his helmet) gets his shoulder dislocated.
Dude, that’s gotta hurt.

Although I do totally love that Coach Beiste calls Finn

Now we’re getting to the part where phrases like
"embarrassment of riches" and "Ryan Murphy, are you trying to
kill me?" come to mind. Kurt’s going to sing for the Glee Club.

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