Glee Episode 2.03 Recap: It’s “Kurt’s Turn” Tonight

But first, we get to see Finn explain about Grilled Cheesus
to the glee club.

He says he has something he needs to tell everyone, and Puck
says, "Oh God, he’s coming out."

"Well, yes," Finn says. "There is a
man who’s sort of recently come into my life." Kurt looks stunned, but
then Finn says, "That man is Jesus Christ."

"That’s way worse," says Puck.

And now Rachel is the one looking stunned, and really
really not happy.

Finn says he wants Glee Club to pay tribute to Jesus.

Kurt’s not buying. "If I wanted to sing about Jesus,
I’d go to church," he said. "And the reason I don’t go to church is
because most churches don’t think very much of gay people. Or women. Or

Can I hear a round of amens from the choir?

Quinn points out that praying helped her get through
her pregnancy and she’d like the opportunity to thank god for that, and Santana
was all, thankful for what? "That it didn’t come out a lizard

"When I pray, I fall asleep," said Brittany.

Mr. Schuester
suggests focusing on general spirituality rather than Jesus, and Puck gets up
to do another in his series of songs by Jewish artists, Billy Joel’s "Only
the Good Die Young."

It would take Brittany and
Santana pledging their undying devotion to each other and making mad,
passionate love on the piano to overcome my loathing of this particular song.
The two seconds of them dancing together and making little finger motions at
each other, sweet as it was, just didn’t do it.

Then we’re back at the car repair shop and Burt has a heart
attack. It was just that sudden. And frightening.

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