Getting Hitched: Lesbian Weddings in Film and TV


Imagine Me &

There’s apparently no
better place to meet the woman of your dreams than at her wedding to a man.
That’s just where Imagine Me & You‘s Luce (Lena Headey) meets
Rachel (Piper Perabo), which turns out happily for the lesbian lovers, although
not so happily for Rachel’s husband-to-be, Hector (Matthew Goode).

Luce is the florist who
provides the flowers for the happy occasion, and she is at the wedding at the
invitation of the bride’s sister. Rachel sees her and it’s love at first sight,
which under the circumstances isn’t exactly the best news any of the film’s
characters has ever had.

Although there’s no gay
wedding in this British-made romantic comedy, things end up working out for the
best. We get true love, a big, sweet airport kiss for the two women, and a
happy ending.

Special thanks to Damon Romine of GLAAD for his assistance with this

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