“Generation Cryo” recap (1.5): The Reunion


This is a major development, but in weird ways: they finally have official contact, but it’s a message that says do not do the exact things you just did. They worry how Bree will feel. After sharing the news with her mom, Jayme shares with the whole group. She’s short breathed as she does so, nervous but excited, but Bree’s face is nothing but shock and unease. As others discuss whether they violated his privacy or not, Bree abruptly leaves the table and runs into the lake, alone.


Afterwards, Sherri tries to comfort her. Bree says that if she knew the cryo bank was going to get back to them, she never would have done any of this, and that now she feels stupid. She’s not only violated his privacy, but she’s brought all these other people into it. Sherri tries to tell her daughter that she’s not stupid, but Bree doesn’t seem convinced.


In fact, she seems convinced that everything she had just done is very wrong. But I can understand why, at the time, it didn’t seem wrong. While Bree maybe hasn’t openly admitted it, I believe she’s been living under a fairy tale, where all she needed to do was find him and he’d write back and suddenly the mysteries of her origins would be uncovered and life would be happy. But now that the fairy tale seems smashed open, she’s just left with regret. She later apologizes to the donor into her video diary.

But she shouldn’t be filled with regret, because her journey has brought her so many amazing half-sibs, half-sibs who are totally on her side. Jayme feels that it must have been Bree’s letter that forced him to call the cryo bank, which is a development she only sees as positive. Even Hilit wants to make sure Bree doesn’t feel bad. She invites Bree to join her and Jayme on the beach, where she notes that anyone could have written the letter–it was just Bree who had the courage to do it.


Eventually, all the half-sibs are on the beach together, comforting Bree. They talk about how they themselves, being here together, is the most important part of all this. They call her their leader. She laughs again.



Vacation summer bliss in Tahoe over, we next see Bree back in her bedroom in Reno. She’s been checking her email obsessively ever since she sent her letter, but she’s begun to lose hope, especially since the cryo bank news, that she would hear back. She knows she has to get back to her life anyway; start saving up for college.

We then see her check her email again at some later point. And for a few moments, she is speechless. She has an email from Anony Mous which begins: “Breathe deeply.” He says that if everything she said is true, then he is the one she’s looking for, and that he’s willing to communicate and help her on her journey. While the content of the email almost seems strangely poetic, the words are less spellbinding than is Bree’s face.



Emotions ranging from disbelief to a type of hesitant joy spread over her face, in that type of quiet, slow-motion way that occurs when something really big happens to you, when a puzzle piece you’ve been searching for your entire life suddenly falls out of the sky and fits into place. There’s no belly laughter or big tears or exuberant shouts to end out this interesting Generation Cryo experiment. It’s just Bree in her teenaged bedroom, a Nightmare Before Christmas poster in the background, looking into her camera with hope in her eyes, saying softly, “Thank you.”


I don’t know where Bree’s future relationship with her sperm donor will go, and I don’t know if we need to know as viewers. We’ve already seen enough. I know people’s emotions about this show have ranged from intensely negative, almost nasty, to intensely positive and thankful. In the end, I think it helped show that, just like every family, everyone’s truth is different. It was fascinating to see those truths, and refreshing to see a reality show explore something meaningful and actually real. Thanks for inviting us in for the ride, family members of #1069.

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