“Generation Cryo” recap (1.2): Cryo banks and morality


So when Jesse and Bree reach the top of the hill in their hike and rest on a rock overlooking the trees, Jesse opens up more than he has before. He’ll help Bree in her search. They head to a pizza place and try to do some research online, all of which seems maybe far fetched but makes them feel a little more accomplished somehow.



The episode ends with Jesse and his dad hitting some golf balls at the driving range, having this wonderful conversation. His mom had mentioned to his dad previously that maybe it’s Jesse’s love of him, and his worry about how all of this will affect his dad’s feelings, that is also making him feel hesitant. Jesse’s dad tells him that he thinks finding out more information about the donor is all good, if it’s what Jesse wants. Him actually being part of the family? Maybe not. Jesse’s like, geez, I don’t want that either. Jesse’s dad’s like, you don’t? Well, okay.

Jesse then asks his dad if he’s disappointed he doesn’t have a blood son. His dad doesn’t hesitate even a single beat before saying, “No, absolutely not.” He says that Jesse is amazing. You guys. Jesse and his dad are THE BEST.


Back at the house, Bree packs up to leave and Jesse tells her he doesn’t want her to go, which is ridiculously adorable. She takes another family video portrait and then she and Jesse head out to meet their other half siblings that live in the Boston area.


Everything in this episode with Jesse was great, but I did feel like everything went too fast, and focused maybe too much on the donor issue. I want to know about these kids, and watch them bond with each other not just over their mystery donor, but just as people and as siblings. What are your thoughts?

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