“Generation Cryo” (1.1) recap: The DNA Went Down to Georgia


Bree has clearly never had a conversation like this about the role of masculinity, “because lesbians,” and is a little unnerved by it all. As she continues to have a great time hanging with Hilit and Jonah the next day, Terri and Eric have a moving conversation where Terri explains why she isn’t freaked out by any of this and Eric tries to explain why he is. He just has this picture of who his family is. Terri, Eric, Jonah, Hilit. That’s it. The four of them, like any family, are a pack, a team, a force that should feel indestructible. So the idea of donors, half-siblings, all of it, starts to destruct and distort the idea of what his family is, and anything that does so feels like a threat, which he takes as a threat to him. Then they both cry for a while, but when it comes to the question of whether or not Eric will sign the DNA form, he says, with barely any hesitation, that of course he will.

cryo1screencap15Bree leaves Georgia feeling like a slightly different person than she was when she got there: new family, new friends, DNA in her pocket, and a new mission. Her family and friends meet her at the airport back in Reno with signs and affection.

cryo1screencap16 cryo1screencap17

We then cut to a few months afterwards, when school is officially out and Bree shares her summer plans with her moms: meeting the rest of her half-siblings, and hopefully finding the donor. This all seems a bit more serious now, like it actually might happen, but Sherry and Debi are supportive and calm. If it’s what Bree wants, they’ll make it happen.

Sherry then, for some reason, starts to tell the story of how the sperm thing actually happened: for some reason they weren’t there when the sperm was delivered to their doorstep, so it was actually Bree’s grandma who signed for it, which is kinda funny, and then they had to warm it up and “make it a romantic evening” and make it happen. Bree’s face is the somewhat horrified pallor that most people take on when their parents talk about sex. Just because you were lesbians doesn’t mean you are an exception to this rule! DON’T DO IT.

cryo1screencap18Gross, Moms.

We end with a preview of all the other half-siblings that we’re about to meet along with Bree over the next few months.

Were you able to catch the first episode of Generation Cryo? (You can watch it here on AfterEllen if you want!) Were you as pleasantly surprised as I was at its heart? What are your thoughts?

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