“Generation Cryo” (1.1) recap: The DNA Went Down to Georgia


After dinner, they head out to one of Jonah’s friend’s houses, where we learn that Jonah and Hilit have already met nine of their other half siblings. All the teens then share a very teen-ish bonding session over a bonfire. Bree outs herself to the group and says that she feels like she’s making her lesbian mom proud, but that there’s only like, one other lesbian at her school, so that sucks. Another kid asks if she’s dating the other lesbian, lolz, but Bree says she’s picky. Like the rest of this show so far, none of the conversations seem forced or fake or posed—there are awkward moments and nervous laughter, along with true laughs and excitement, meaning, it is genuine teenagers hanging out. Bree seems happy, and later tells her video diary that she feels 100% comfortable with her new siblings. So far, this reality show is defying a lot of reality show conventions: it actually seems real, and it is surprisingly heartwarming.

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The next morning, after a short call to her bestie Cathy where Bree confides that she’s sharing the same bed with Hilit, and Cathy tells her not to make any moves on her new sister—ah, besties—Bree and Jonah get some bonding time as they go out for bagels. They obviously start the conversation off right, checking out girls who walk by the window. Bree says that she doesn’t like her girls too skinny—”They gotta be a little thick”—and that while she appreciates SOME boob, she’s more of an ass girl. Jonah is also an ass girl. Because asses are awesome. Sibling bonding, y’all!

They also ponder what connects them physically, and eventually land on both having fat lower lips, which they also confirm is a girl magnet. I have to say that I am agreeing with all of their superficial assertions right now.


And because this ridiculous and hilarious conversation is going so well, after they discuss the vague mystery of their donor for a while, Bree decides it’s time to bust out the DNA kit. While Jonah doesn’t feel any need to actually meet the donor, he had just promised a few seconds earlier that he’d help Bree in her journey, so when the kit comes out, he can’t really back down. He willingly swabs his cheek for 60 seconds, both of them laughing about the bizarreness of it all the whole time.

The sibling bonding then jumps to Hilit, who takes Bree to get her nails did, which is entertaining because Bree clearly never really gets her nails did. After this day of sibling fun, however, there’s once again another parental hurdle to jump: Terri and Eric have to sign off on Jonah giving his DNA. And as they stuff their faces full of sushi, this is where things get serious. Eric first expresses his confusion over what knowing who this guy is will really bring to the kids’ lives. Hilit and Jonah assure him that they have no desire for him to be in their lives, although they can’t deny simple curiosity over what he looks like. I think the wrench for him, though, is when Terri says that she would in fact love to meet him and know more about him, something that Eric cannot understand.


He tells the story of his own journey, of the grieving he had to go through when he found out he couldn’t produce his own biological offspring. Jonah’s like, whatever, but you’re our dad, and Eric’s like, but in evolution, that’s supposed to be the one thing that the man does, and I couldn’t do it. The split between the generations is so interesting here. I understand what Eric is saying, and his honesty about getting over his own insecurities is remarkably vulnerable and honest. But the younger generation before him says it both in their words and on their faces: who cares about evolution? Evolution don’t mean a thing.

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