“Generation Cryo” (1.1) recap: The DNA Went Down to Georgia

The next day, Patti gives Bree a hug before she walks in the restaurant to meet her moms. Bree’s voiceover fills us in on more of the family background.

cryo1screencap5 A friend with a Batman backpack is a good friend to have.

Her moms split up when she was three, as her biological mom, Debi, started dating guys. Oh, Debi. Bree lives with her mom Sherry, but Debi lives up the road and Bree still sees her all the time. She probably hasn’t seen them together, though, for a few years. Sherry arrives at the dinner first, and assures Bree that she and her mom don’t hate each other, they just disagree on a lot of stuff. When Debi arrives, they all hug and things seem amicable. Bree asks if it’s weird for them to all be together. Debi somewhat awkwardly responds that it’s “like riding a bike.” Bree’s face in response:

cryo1screencap6 cryo1screencap7You can probably guess which one is still a lesbian.

They voice their encouragement of her trip to Georgia, and then Bree breaks the news about the DNA kit. Debi, as Bree predicted, appears A-OK with it all, saying that she hopes she does get to meet the donor. Sherry is a little more restrained, taking what I believe is a smart, motherly role. She says that she doesn’t care either way whether Bree gets to meet the donor or not, although she appears skeptical about whether the donor would be down. “Just don’t be disappointed.” Sherry also makes it clear at the end of the conversation: “It’s not like he’s going to take my place or anything. Because if he did, I’d have to kill him.” Damn straight, Sherry. Everyone laughs. They both seem like good moms, allowing Bree to do what she wants to do, even if it may be uncomfortable for them, but above all else looking out for her well-being.

So it’s off to Georgia Bree goes, nervously but excitedly, to meet the Jacobson family. Hilit and Jonah, also both 17, have straight parents, but since their dad Eric was sterile, they decided to use a donor. Everyone greets each other with hugs at the door, including Eric and mom Terri, who both seem incredibly welcoming and warm.


They sit down for dinner, but first it’s Shabbat time, as the Jacobsons are Jewish. As they recite a prayer, Bree stands respectively but with wide, amusing eyes, as this is clearly new to her. When they finish, Terri says, “That was Hebrew,” and Bree responds, “YEAH IT WAS,” which is my favorite moment of the episode. They then gather around each other for the blessing and Terri gives Bree another hug and then Bree tries matzo ball soup for the first time which doesn’t go so well but no one seems to mind.

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