Morning Brew – Thurs. March 29: Lea Delaria to return to “Californication,” Chaz Bono might get his own reality dating show


Good morning!

Did you catch Happy Endings last night? I thought Elisha Cuthbert played a pretty hot lesbian, but the actual lesbian, Kat, was even hotter. Loved her pink blazer! You can watch the whole episode below.

Chaz Bono could become the star of his own dating reality show. It’s in the works with his Becoming Chaz production team, World of Wonder. Can you imagine what One Million Moms and NOM and the like will do? Probably have a collective heart attack, but I wish the answer was “learn something.” You know, like tolerance, acceptance or any aspect of being a loving, caring human being.

Flavorwire lists Tipping the Velvet as one of the 10 Best LGBT Romances in literature. Also on the list: The Ladies, La Batarde, The Danish Girl and Orlando.

Did you know Lea DeLaria is the originator of the U-Haul joke? She told Edge:

The best joke I’ve ever written was, “What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A U-Haul.” I wrote that in 1988 for Lesbo-A-Go-Go, and it swept the world. It’s a “Take my wife, please.” I remember watching ER and they told that joke, and I thought, “F–k, are you kidding?” Now everybody knows it. The follow up is ’What does a gay man bring on a second date?’ The punch line is, “What second date?”

And in some great news, she’ll be back on TV soon!

I’m in Californication next season. I play one of the lesbian moms whose son is dating the character who is David Duchovny’s daughter. I was in the last episode this season.

You can see a glimpse of her in this promo from “Raw,” which originally aired on March 5.

Fiona Apple penned some thoughtful and nice words for a young gay teen who sent her a letter asking her to do so for his GSA. If you’re a fan, you will likely fall for her even more.

If you’ll be in L.A. this spring, head over to the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives for their new exhibit Cruising the Archive: Queer Art and Culture in Los Angeles, 1945-1980. This shot is called “Lesbian Couple, Hollywood” and was shot in 1972 by Anthony Friedkin.

In the gayest thing I’ve ever heard (today), Matt Bomer kisses Jane Lynch in his episode of Glee. He told TVLine:

I think Jane sussed out right away that my character was just all over the map, just a complete hot mess. And so she knew that whatever greeting they had together would be completely inappropriate. So she said, “Matt, on this take, just kiss me on the lips.” I said, “Great. You don’t have to ask me twice.” It was nice. She had a lovely lip gloss on that tasted quite nice.” [Laughs]

I wonder if their partners were jealous. I’m thinking no.

Hit the Marc is a show about a performing arts school in NYC and there is a major lesbian character named Kelly Coalson (played by Abbie Treveor. The web series is raising money on Kickstarter to complete their season. Check out the first episode and consider donating. Also let me know if you like it! It sounds like Smash meets Fame meets CenterStage, and I like all these things!

Today in Lesbianish TV: *The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Talking Liberally: The Stephanie Miller Show (Current 9 a.m.), *Tabatha’s Salon Takeover/Tabatha Takes Over marathon (Bravo 6:30 a.m.), *Roseanne (Oxygen 10 a.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy marathon (Lifetime 1 p.m.),
The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Best in Show (Ion 2 p.m.), *Roseanne (Oxygen 2:30 p.m.), *Friends (TBS 4:30 p.m.), Black Swan (5 MAX 5 p.m.), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (HBO 6:30 p.m.), The Rosie Show (OWN 7 p.m.), *Living Single (TV One 7 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 9 p.m.), Rachel Maddow on The Daily Show (Comedy Central 11 p.m.), House Hunters (HGTV 11 p.m.), Iron Chef America (Cooking Channel 11 p.m.) and Mulholland Dr. (TMAX 12:10 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denotes a re-run

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