Chicks Getting Hitched: Start spreading the news


Choosing my wedding date has been one of the most challenging tasks of my life. I’ve always know the season in which I want to get married, so I never imagined that picking a freaking date would be so difficult. I’ve polled nearly everyone I know to assess the pros and cons of each of my potential dates. I’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure none of my VIPs had a conflict that would prevent them from attending. I had my fiancée consult an astrologically-inclined friend to see if the stars would be properly aligned on our chosen date. I even (crazily) spent more time than I care to admit on the Farmer’s Almanac website trying to calculate my chances of getting the weather I want on my wedding day. I’ll let you know how my inane attempts to predict and control the global ecosystem work out!

At long last, I have finally chosen a wedding date, and after all of the effort I put into it, I am ready to announce it to the world with a save the date that will leave a lasting impression. Luckily, there are so many fun and creative save-the-date options – many of which crafty brides can even DIY.

Photos of the happy couple printed on postcards are one of the most popular and lovely options. You can choose your favorite pic of you and your lady, add your wedding details and have it reprinted at an affordable cost through many websites. If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, try some of these unique save-the-date ideas.

Old-school photo booth

For a new twist on the standard postcard photo, try a photo booth version instead. Grab a few bucks, find your nearest photo booth and pose for some cutesy shots of you and your beloved. You can hold up signs with the wedding date and location so they’re printed right on the photos, or you can order reprints of the photo strip that can be folded in half with the deets printed on the inside.

An edible message

Get your wedding off to a sweet start by sending guests a cookie or a cupcake with your wedding date written in frosting. Include a printed notes as well so they’ll remember your wedding date after they’ve eaten the goodies. For other edible announcements, consider printing custom labels that can be applied to bottles of hot sauce, wine or olive oil. Or, choose an edible treat that relates to your wedding’s location. Seattle brides might send a small bag of coffee. If you’re having a destination wedding in Mexico, turn packets of margarita salt into save the dates. Customized labels can be slapped on just about anything, and family and friends will appreciate a save the date that they can put to good use.

Your very own rom-com

Tech-savvy brides- and brooms-to-be can create a save-the-date video. Have a friend film you and your fiancée telling your love story or gallivanting around town stopping at some spots that have special meaning for you (the restaurant where you had your first date, the park where she proposed). A homemade movie will give your guests a glimpse into your relationship, so when you exchange your vows in front of them, it will be even more special. The best part about a save-the-date video is you can email it and save serious money on postage.

From your home to theirs

You’ll be receiving tons of gifts and house wares that will make your home more beautiful, so why not share the love? Use your save the dates as a chance to gives guests a little something special for their homes. You could have your wedding date stamped into a luxurious bar of soap, wrap a message around a pretty candle or stamp it onto coasters.

A save the date they can pack

If you’re inviting a lot of out-of-towners or having a destination wedding, make your save the dates something they can use on the big day. If you’ll be getting married in a tropical spot, send small bottles of sunscreen or a pretty fan. If snow will be falling on your wedding day, give your guests cute mittens. Use ribbons to attach small note cards to your practical tokens to spell out the details and include a heartfelt note letting guests know you can’t wait until they arrive.

Assembly required

If you’re looking for a playful save the date, turn a photo with your wedding details into a puzzle. Send it to guests in a small box with instructions to assemble. A save-the-date puzzle is memorable, interactive and will set a casual and fun-loving tone for your wedding right from the start.

Send the message, save the environment

Instead of using up trees by printing save the dates on paper, save some trees by making customized reusable shopping bags. You can have your wedding info printed on the bags, and since they’re relatively lightweight, you won’t go broke on postage. Your crew will appreciate a handy tote, and they will be reminded of your upcoming wedding date every time they go to the grocery store.

What’s the most creative or memorable save the date you’ve sent or received?

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