March Madness: The Ultimate Lesbian Kissing Championship


In honor of NCAA Basketball’s month-long parade to crowning the champion of their sport, we’ve decided to hold our own March Madness this year. Over the next few weeks, you will have the chance to narrow down the field of lesbian kisses until we can officially crown the Ultimate Lesbian Kissing Champion. Our writers have chosen 64 of our favorite kisses and now we’re pitting them against one another and letting you decide which one deserves the title. Check out the brackets below, then click through to do some voting.

Please note: We first posted our March Madness game on Friday, March 2nd, but due to some behind-the-scenes tech glitches, many of our readers were unable to see/vote in the polls. Hopefully we’ve got that worked out now. Originally, we were only going to keep the first round of voting open until March 5th, but we’ve decided to extend it through Thursday, March 8th at midnight EST.

Four quick things before you look at the brackets: 1) If you’ve never seen some of these kisses, YouTube is your friend. 2) When I was choosing how to label the kisses, I went with the names most people are familiar with. So if it’s a TV show, you’ll probably see the character names, and if it’s a movie, you’ll probably see the actress’ names. (With a few exceptions.) When most people discuss this kind of thing — and be honest, you know you discuss this kind of thing — that’s how they do it. Or, well, at least that’s how me and my friends do it. 3) We couldn’t include every lesbian kiss in the history of pop culture, but we tried to be as diverse as possible, choosing kisses from TV, movies and real life; choosing current and nostalgic kisses; choosing kisses that were American and international. 4) There was no conspiracy in the seeding of the kisses. It was all random. If your favorite couple is facing off against a beloved, iconic couple, it’s not because we hate your couple.

Now, then, enough business. Let’s play.

For a full-size look at the brackets, click here. (Opens in a new tab/window.)

Or for smaller, more manageable brackets:

Match-ups 1 – 8 | Match-ups 9 – 16 | Match-ups 17 – 24 | Match-ups 25 – 32

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