Morning Brew – Thursday, March 1: Sophie Webster won’t return to guys on “Corrie,” SamRo on her unhealthy relationship with Lilo


Happy March guys! There’s snow on the ground in Portland, which is kind of wild, but super pretty. It won’t stick around long.

David Arquette has been cast in The Smart One, the new Ellen DeGeneres-produced series starring Portia de Rossi and Malin Akerman. He’ll play Malin’s hubby.

Amy Smart talked with Craig Ferguson about kissing other girls, like she does on Shameless.

And Sarah Paulson was on with Craig this week discussing her role on HBO’s Game Change.

Someone is trying to lie on Sophie Webster! Despite reports that the lesbian left standing on Coronation Street would go back to dating dudes, the show has said it’s all false. From a spokesperson:

There is no truth whatsoever in claims that Sophie will question her sexuality again. We don’t know where this rumour has come from.

Rest assured Brooke Vincent will only be kissing other girls from now on.

Photographer Scott Pasfield told CNN that his series Gay in America is all about men because lesbians weren’t receptive to him as a man.

I tried putting my ad up for lesbians in lesbian chat rooms, but if you want to see an ad flagged/deleted quickly, that’s how you do it. I would have had to masquerade or hire someone to connect me to women. And that is something I did not want to do. I would love nothing more than to do Lesbian in America. I feel compelled to do it. I am ready to step out of my world and at least try. I hope I can convince the same team to make that book. There will always be people who will say that a gay man can’t and shouldn’t do that project, but I simply disagree with that now, after doing Gay in America. It’s all about getting goosebumps from people’s stories, making friends and taking great portraits. Why not me? I think it is very possible and I welcome the challenge.

Hey dude, try the old fashioned way and send a girl a press release.

Samantha Ronson talked with The Daily Beast about her new album and (what else?) her ex-girlfriend from a few years ago. Apparently the song “Sometimes When You Win, You Lose” is possibly maybe about Lindsay Lohan.

I wrote that song when I was with the person that it’s about. They knew what it was about when I wrote it. Yeah, it’s a little tough on that one. It’s funny because you think it’s tough because it’s figuratively brutal. Imagine if that song was actually literal. Most people would assume that it’s figurative, that it’s about emotions. But maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s actually literal. It was not a healthy relationship.

Want a Rizzoli & Isles spoiler? Don’t say I didn’t warn you! (And it’s not anything about them hooking up. Sorry!)

Zoie Palmer is in a new movie about sex. Well she will be if you help contribute to get it made!

Bisexual actress Olivia Thirlby is going to be part of the off-Broadway production of Lonely, I’m Not opposite Topher Grace. She’ll play “an ambitious young businesswoman.” Speaking of Olivia, here are some clips from her new film Being Flynn.

Congrats to Kiwi TV presenster Alison Mau on her engagement to her girlfriend of two years, Karleen Edmonds!

Tabatha Coffey was on The Talk this week with tips on how to run your own small business.

Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen says his mom was surprised by the lesbian scenes in Game of Thrones. To that I say, she watched Game of Thrones and it was the lesbian scenes that stuck with her? They were like two small bits of an entire season of sex, violence and incest!

Wondering when you can get oyur hands on copies of Pariah and Albert Nobbs? Wolfe Video will have them for you on April 24 and May 15, respectively.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Baby’s First Day (TLC 2:30 p.m.), The Kids Are All Right (MMAX 5:30 p.m.), The Rosie Show (OWN 7 p.m.), In the Life (PBS), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), *Degrassi (TeenNick 9 p.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 10 p.m.), Chelsea Lately (E! 11 p.m.), D.E.B.S. (IFC midnight), Fierce Funny Women (Showtime midnight) and Bound (5 MAX 12:10 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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