Feist on the verge


I was surprised to see Feist on the front page of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Sunday New York Times. Surprised, then excited, then worried.

I’m excited for her, because if anyone deserves mainstream success, Feist does. But I’m worried, because sometimes when good musicians make it big, they also become a little less, um, good. My usual example of this phenomenon is Melissa Etheridge. Don’t get me wrong — I think Lucky is pretty great — but it can’t compare to the relentless wearing-her-heart-on-her-guitar-strings feel of her first two albums. (For me, nothing will ever beat “Royal Station 4/16.”) Sometimes success spoils songwriting.

But it sounds like Feist might — as is typical of her — break the pattern. The Times article, which is fascinating and deliciously long, includes this brief review of Feist’s new album (which hits stores May 1):

“The Reminder” is a modestly scaled but quietly profound pop gem: sometimes intimate, sometimes exuberant, filled with love songs and hints of mystery.

I cannot wait.

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