“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” SnapCap (22.04) – The Grudge


Last night’s challenge was a doozy and really solidified my belief that
there is no way in hell I could ever have been a participant on this
show. Firstly, I think I would go out of my mind having to listen to Diem go on and on about her
relationship with CT and how
great their fairytale romance was and how it is all so different now.
It isn’t different, she could have him if she wanted him, she just
needs to get over herself and go for it. I’m just happy Robin, finally got sick of it too
and told Diem she obviously doesn’t respect CT. Snoozefest!

You know what wasn’t a snoozefest? Wine and face painting night! I
don’t know who thought ahead to bring the paintbrushes and facepaint
but really good call. I would’ve liked it a lot better if Glowpinkstah
were on hand to give makeup tips, but you can’t always get what you


Last night’s douchebaggery was pretty bad. Camilla and Johnny might be like peanut butter and bananas” but it’s
only because “nuts” and “bananas” describe crazy people. I’m just
really happy to say the dream team of Rachel
and Aneesa handled it in an
incredibly mature fashion.

Apparently Johnny has been holding
on to bad feelings towards Rachel for the last four years since she
sent him home on a different challenge. Camilla is all up on Johnny’s
banana so the first opportunity she saw to stir up drama with his
nemesis, she pounced. After winning Power Couple for the second time
this season, Camilla told Johnny that Rachel and Aneesa went running to
her trying to convince her to send Mark
and Robin home because, “Robin
doesn’t deserve to be here and Mark really wants to go home.”

Seeing an opportunity to put a damper on a close friendship, Johnny
runs to tell Mark the story Camilla told him. Thankfully, Mark respects
his friendship with Rachel enough to ask her about what happened.

didn’t deny anything about the Robin comments, and from Mark’s initial
reaction to the story it seemed to me as though he had shared some of
those sentiments.  Just when Rachel started to defend herself
against the accusations of talking badly about Mark, Johnny inserted
himself into the conversation. He then repeated the most oft-spoken
words in reality show dialogue, “threw them under the bus,” saying
Rachel had basically done that to everyone in the house. For someone
with such a great memory of  something that happened four years
ago, it doesn’t seem like he remembers much about the current season
they’re in. Maybe it’s all the wine they’re drinking.


This week’s ass-kicking ladies was directly proportionate to the
douchebaggery and the women came out on top!  Twitter user @alyfields12 said it best in her
tweet, “@AneesaMTV @rachel_fitness only a couple of lesbians could
date, break up, and have each others backs #proudtobehomo.” When the
drama began to unfold, Aneesa was right there to back up Rachel and try
to set the record straight right.

Since team Fat Elvis (that’s actually a delicious ice cream flavor made
with peanut butter and bananas) had the power position, they threw
Rachel & Aneesa into The Dome to face off against Tyrie and Jasmine, who had lost the episode’s
earlier “Hang On To a Rolling Log While Suspended Over The Same Water
That Broke Aneesa’s Face And Then Swim To Safety” challenge.

In all
honesty, I was pretty excited that this was the team they had to go
against because their chemistry has been bad from the start and
physically Rachel and Aneesa seemed stronger as a unit. I felt for
Jasmine though and appreciate her wearing some gay-friendly tube socks.

In the end, Rachel and Aneesa kicked ass and won but I also want to
point out how well Jasmine did. High-five girl, you earned that drink
on your limo ride home.


The beginning of the episode looked like an episode of 90210 with all that fun in the sun
and sand. There were bikinis everywhere and I will never hate on that
unless I’m the one being forced to wear the bikini.

The fun was only starting on the beach. It continued back at home in
push-up bras and facepaint. It was like a bizarrely sexy version of Cats! on Broadway, so maybe, Alley Cats!

While the rest of the girls were having their fun, we got our first
glimpse at Robin not fitting in as well with the group as she used to.
Instead of acting like a cat, she decided to channel the some kind of
hyper-emo Lydia Deetz.
Whatever, I still think she’s cute so sue me.

I’m ashamed to admit this because I am not too much of a fan of hers,
but Paula was looking pretty
good in that flannel shirt she was wearing. Could I get any more gay?
Probably not.

Obligatory Emily shot.

Aneesa and Rachel being cute besties.


The challenge this week seemed less crazy than last week’s maybe only
because the contestants weren’t being flung into the air by a
slingshot. Truthfully though, I can’t imagine it’s all that safe to
have people spinning around on a log high in the air, getting
incredibly dizzy and then hitting water with no control over their body
or awareness of their surroundings. Part of me feels as though this show
isn’t going to be happy until somebody dies or suffers a really bad
head injury. It’s bad enough that Tyrie ended up landing on Jasmine
when he couldn’t hold on to the log any longer. He could have easily
knocked her unconscious or landed in a really bad position for both of
them to get hurt. I guess we can all drink to another week of everyone
being alive!

What did you think of this week’s episode? It’s obvious that the gloves
are off at this point. I’m really excited to watch Camilla go bat-dung
crazy next week and possibly be sent home! It’s the little things in

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