Valerie Bertinelli: One day, one pound, at a time


Valerie Bertinelli is the new celebrity face and body for the Jenny Craig weight loss program.

In a recent issue of People magazine, Valerie, who turns 47 this month, said, “It is freeing because I can say it first: ‘I know what you’re thinking — I’m fat.'” I don’t know if she’s really the first to say that, but let me add, even at a zaftig size 14, she’s still beautiful. That face. That pudgy, adorable nose. That girl-next-door smile. Sigh.

Here’s a photo of her back in the day:

I had a huge crush on Bertinelli when she played Barbara Cooper on One

Day at a Time
back in the ’70s. She rocked out those bell-bottom

jeans. When she dressed up as Elton John for one episode — you know

the one I’m talking about — how adorable was that?

As the years wore on, my tastes (de?)evolved into penchants for celebs

like Demi Moore (love her voice) and Madonna (her “Rain” video is

still super-hot), while Valerie started appearing in mediocre

made-for-TV movies. When she married Eddie Van Halen, I couldn’t help

but wonder: Does she love him because he’s basically her twin?

But now Valerie’s back and I’m curious to see how this will end. The

Jenny Craig ad campaign will track Bertinelli’s weight loss with a

blog written by her for their website and a new photo shoot every month.

Her goal is to lose 30 pounds by September.

This is it. This is it. This is life, the one you get, so go and have a ball!

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