Leslie Bibb may soon be Popular at the box office


Leslie Bibb is finally getting a starring role in a film: The Bachelorette Party, a “romantic comedy in the vein of Wedding Crashers.

I haven’t seen Wedding Crashers, so I don’t really know whether to look forward to this or not. But I have a fondness for Bibb, simply because I love Popular.

And why, you might ask, do I love Popular? Why, I’ll happily tell you. 

5. A queer sensibility. The show was always campy and sometimes just plain gay. And if there had been a third season, Sam would have come out. So say the producers. Damn it!

4. Mary Cherry (Leslie Grossman) and Nicole Julian (Tammy Lynn Michaels). Brooke’s evil henchmen were as funny as they were vengeful. And everyone felt sorry for Nicole by the end, which was no small feat on Tammy Lynn’s part. Her acting skills are way underrated.

3. The supporting cast and guest stars. Miss Glass (Diane Delano) was so freaky and hilarious. And just when you thought the show couldn’t get crazier, Cherry Cherry (Delta Burke) would swoop in and chew up all the scenery. Mind-blowing.

2. Harrison John (Christopher Gorham). Did he ever really decide between Brooke and Sam? And he had a lesbian mom. I still have a little crush on Gorham — he was in Out of Practice and now plays Henry on Ugly Betty. So cute.

1. Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) and Sam McPherson (Carly Pope). They were just plain great together. Now all I have is fan fic and fan videos. It’s OK: They weren’t really sisters!

Mostly I just wish I’d had a high school experience that was even a little bit like the show. The first two seasons of Popular are on DVD. Buy them. Watch them. Live them. Be a Glamazon!

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