These ’80s sisters are twisted


by scribegrrrl is featuring an ’80s hair-metal band photo quiz. Trouble is, it’s exclusively male. Just to prove that the urge to rock is not based solely on testosterone, here are a few ’80s ladies who totally rocked their hair.

Vixen: If their perms don’t hypnotize you, their stiletto boots will.

(Click “read more” for more gravity-defying follicles.)

Lita Ford: Part sleaze, part rock, all hair. “Kiss Me Deadly” is still lethal.

Girlschool: No, not the song by Britny Fox, but an underappreciated British heavy metal band.

The Runaways: Who needs big hair when your attitude is larger than life? And really, feathered is even better than big.

Feeling nostalgic for the days of intricate album illustrations and vaguely satanic lyrics? Check out Iron Maidens, an Iron Maiden tribute band.

And if you like that idea, there’s also Cheap Chick (a Cheap Trick tribute band). Hey, think of all the tribute band possibilities: If you like Winger, how about forming a tribute band called Debra Winger? And instead of Thin Lizzy, why not Thin Lezzy? And in tribute to Cinderella, how ’bout, um, Cinderella? No, wait — Cinderfella, a drag king hair metal band. Free bird!

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