A Glenn Close-Kyra Sedgwick smackdown?


by Sarah Warn

has ordered
13 episodes of a new Glenn Close legal thriller Damages, to debut this
summer. The drama stars Close as Patty Hewes, one of America’s foremost litigators
going after corporate titans. Her co-stars include Rose Byrne (Marie
Antoinette, Wicker Park
), Ted Danson (Help Me Help
), Tate Donovan (The O.C.) and Zeljko
(Hannibal, Black Hawk Down).

According to FX Networks president and GM John Landgraf, Damages is
"a very well-written, well-acted thriller, a legal show that never goes
into the court room. It’s very unusual relative to any legal shows you’ve seen."

Hmmm. I might have more faith in FX if they weren’t also considering renewing
Dirt (according to the article), and "bullish" on their new
show The Riches, which like Dirt, started off okay, then went
downhill pretty quickly. On the other hand, a series starring Glenn Close is
at least worth checking out.

But if FX thinks Damages is going to compete with TNT’s The Closer
as my favorite summer show, they’re going to have to seriously step up
their game. An hour of Kyra Sedgwick bringing down the bad
guys while wearing those glasses? Thank you!

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