The Huddle: Dream “SNL” hosts


If there’s one thing everyone in America has an opinion about, it’s who they think should host Saturday Night Live. You can’t get away from all the Facebook campaigns, especially now that one worked for Betty White. And what a success that episode was! It wasn’t long after Jane Lynch became a household name on Glee that the internet began buzzing that she should show up on the comedy show and voila! she is hosting in October.

So if Lorne Michaels was ever paying attention to viewers’ wishes, it’s now. Gay women, who do you want to see on that famous stage?

The Linster: Ellen D or Wanda Sykes, with Chely Wright and Jennifer Knapp as musical guests.

Dorothy Snarker: Meryl Streep. Period. Full stop.

Mia Jones: Actually, I’ve always wanted to host Saturday Night Live. In junior high I was voted "Most likely to be part of the SNL ensemble." Since this will not be happening, I’d like to nominate Christina Hendricks for no other reason than to stare at her.

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