Huddle: Women we wish would have kissed on screen


As soon as Rizzoli & Isles released a promo photo, lesbians around the world dreamed up some Sapphic scenarios for the two best friends. It’s just what we’re used to doing — finding the subtext in situations where TV writers ignore the sexual tension.

There are so many pairs of women that we would have loved to see share more than a hug and a handshake on screen, and there’s still hope for some of them. But what two would really rock your world?

Ready, break!

Heather Hogan: As a general rule, I am staunchly opposed to girl-on-girl action born from the desire to titillate and publicize. I like my female characters to kiss other female characters when there’s authentic motivation behind it. But there is a world that exists outside the realm of logic, a world that exists outside the confines of the space-time continuum. And on that world there is a ship. And on that ship there are two girls. And those two girls have more chemistry than any other couple in the history of that tesseract we fondly call the Upper East Side.

They are Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen — and oh, they are surrounded by lesbians: Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Dan and Rufus Humphrey. But Serena and Blair remain firmly committed to the men in their life. The lords from Britain, the artists from RISD, the hobbits from the Shire.

We’ve watched them fight and we’ve watched them cry. We’ve watched them set the whole world on fire. (And accidentally murder someone that one time at that wedding.) And after the smoke settles, what’s true is what’s always been true: Serena and Blair are only ever going to love one another. So kiss already. You did it in the book. More than once. (That’s one secret I couldn’t help but tell. You know you love me. XOXO.)

Lesley Goldberg: Dear Alan Ball, love you. Love your vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and that Season 3 of True Blood is wicked gay. Love Lafayette and Jesus. Love Sookie. Love Tara. Would really love to see some of that wicked gay transfer over to Anna Paquin and Rutina Wesley. Just think of their cute couple name: Rutianna.

This week has already been great — you know with Prop. 8 being overturned and all — but a little lesbian love between the on-screen besties would just be the icing on the supernatural cake.

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