Afternoon Delight: “Degrassi” gets a transgender character, Diablo Cody takes her trailer on the road


Afternoon, my Precious(es)! I apologize; I’m running a little late today because I’ve been making out with AfterEllen’s new redesign. She’s sexy, right? Well, also I’ve been putting all my words through the "I Write Like" analyzer. It thinks my Pretty Little Liars recaps are reminiscent of Stephanie Meyer, probably because I say "vampire" and "zombies" seven times per sentence. (I’m blaming the lost time on Ed Kennedy from; he’s the one who introduced me to the analyzer in the first place.)

Flavorwire posted some vintage sexploitation movie posters today, and boy are they humdingers. This one is my favorite.

That’s just the silliest thing. Everyone knows when you leave women to their own devices in prison, the sexy wing governor falls in love with the hardened criminal with the gooey marshmallow center.

Dorothy Snarker and I are going to have a Bad Girls marathon soon. She promised!

Based on a survey by the UK LGBT rights group Stonewall, Queerty has deduced which summer camp parents should send their kids to if they want them to grow up homosexual. Any guesses? No, not softball or field hockey! The gay-friendliest camps are tennis camps.

Dana Fairbanks agrees!

When Degrassi‘s new season starts next Monday, they’ll be introducing their first transgender character. Jordan Todosey plays Adam, a character who "presents himself as a boy even though he was born a girl."

Todosey [is a] a bubbly 15-year-old who says she had to chop off long blond locks, darken her hair and adopt a more boyish swagger to pull off the role.

"The writing is good, they really go there with that kind of stuff and I think that this character can really speak for anybody who is outcast or bullied or transgender or anything like that," Todosey said from the Toronto set earlier this year, after shooting a violent confrontation with school bullies.

When Degrassi is good, it’s good. I hope they get this one right.

Have you checked out Trish Bendix‘s interview with Pretty Little LiarsBianca Lawson? If not, you should do that right this second, then hop over to to check out a new clip of Hanna and Emily from next week’s episode.

Diablo Cody has unveiled a new webseries called Red Band Trailer in which she travels around with her camper and interviews celebrities. The second episode, "Would You Mind Getting that F–king Trailer Out of my Driveway" features Cody and Chelsea Handler trying to out-deadpan one another.

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