“Room in Rome” posters, stills and general ridiculous sexiness


Hey, remember that movie trailer where the two gorgeous women spent the night together in a hotel room in Rome wearing nothing but a smile and frequently other even more ecstatic expressions for what seemed like forever and we all watched and rewatched and rewatched mouth agape, drooling just a little — OK, a lot, wondering, “Can this be true or am I dreaming a really, really naughty dream with my eyes open?” You know, Room in Rome.

Yep, still sexy as all get out. The film was released in Spanish theaters in May. It also received a screening at the Seattle International Film Festival last month. Besides its new poster, additional stills are out. Here are a few of the safe-for-work ones. Unsurprisingly, considering the ridiculously NSFW trailer, not all of them are, so click here for the full set.

Spanish director Julio Modem’s first English-language film, Room in Rome is based on Matias Bize’s In the Bed. In the original was about a man and a woman who spend a night of passion and secret-telling together. Modem changed the setting to Rome and made it between two women. Who else feels like sending him a thank-you card?

In its review of the film in May, Variety called it “beautifully crafted, superbly played and sometimes pretentious.” It also says that the film “contains something of interest in practically every shot, as the women arrange their limbs into attractive patterns on crumpled bedsheets.” Women, limbs, crumpled sheets — I can handle a little pretention for that.

In interviews with Spanish TV, Medem along with the film’s stars Elena Anaya (who plays short, dark-haired Alba) and Natasha Yarovenko (who plays blond Russian Natasha) talked about making the film and its message. (See the full interviews here, with mildly NSFW clips interspersed.)

Elena: “I think a love story is universal. It has no language, it has to sex, it has no identity. It is unique, it’s personal and it’s once in a life.”

Natasha: “The film is not about two women, it’s not about lesbians. The film is about love and this physical attraction first. And then in a very short time it can be real love. These two characters have never, never before felt love like this.”

OK, so they’re not lesbians. They just have sex in a hotel room for 12 hours. Got it.

The movie was picked up late last year by IFC for U.S. release, but no opening dates have been forthcoming, which — I know, bummer. So, any of you lucky enough to catch Room in Rome when it opened in Spain or Seattle? Thoughts? Panting? We’re waiting with bated breath.

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