“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 18-20


Mama Rafaela continues to be suspicious of all the men in her daughters’ lives. She even goes as far as inviting Leonardo (Alma’s boyfriend) to a game of chess (and lets him win even though she’s a chess genius). The two of them spend a while chatting, being suspicious of each other, and generally being passive-aggressive.


Alma is starting to unravel a little bit because she doesn’t know how to move forward with Leonardo. She can’t be totally honest about her Top Secret Male Escort business, but she doesn’t know how to be in a serious relationship and still keep so much of herself hidden. I’m sure if she knew that he was secretly investigating her, following her, and lying to her she’d feel a little less uncertain about things. Leonardo isn’t all bad though. His feelings for Alma seem genuine despite all the lies. He’s sort of stuck too, now, because he’s in love with her but doesn’t trust her, and is still doubtful as to whether or not Alma had anything to do with Maximo’s murder.

To further complicate things, Alma has grown closer to Male Escort Alejandro, who is also in love with her. With him, she can be totally honest since he knows all her Deep Dark Secrets. But she still seems more into Leonardo.

At the end of episode 20, Leonardo asks Alma to meet him at the bar where they first met. Alma shows up and the two of them make a game out of revisiting their first conversation, line by line. But eventually Alma changes the script and tells him that instead of saying what she’d originally said, she’s going to say what she should have said, which is that he looks like a man that can complicate her life and that she doesn’t want to go home with him. And then she walks away from him. So I’m not sure whether that was her way of breaking up with him or not. Regardless, I doubt that’s the last we’ll see of Leonardo.

In related news, Alma’s daughter, Ileana, is still dating Male Escort Mauro, who has agreed to a vow of chastity in order to date her. Ileana is still oblivious to the fact that Mauro is not actually a male model but rather a semi-retired manslut that used to work for her mother. When the truth comes out it’s not going to be pretty.

Not much has been going on with Mercedes beyond her aiding a client whose situation closely mirrored her own (husband cheats, dies, leaves behind mistress for the wife to deal with). Mercedes, though, is on a slightly different boat because she doesn’t know who her husband’s mistress was and the not-knowing is driving her carayzee. She wants to know why her husband cheated. She wants to know why her husband chose this other woman over her. After all, Mercedes has looked in the mirror once or twice and I think all of us can agree that she’s hotter than 99% of the female population so I can understand her confusion.

At the end of episode 20, she begs Claudio (her dead husband’s BFF) to tell her who the woman was. Claudio struggles with the request but succumbs to the Power of Womanly Tears and gives her a name.

Julia/Mariana (and Armando)
I’m glad I waited until episode 20 to recap because episodes 18 and 19 were depressing. When last we left our ladies, they were on their way to a night on the town and Julia was still angry at Armando and ignoring his phone calls. All of which seemed, to me, like a good thing. I had visions of Mariana and Julia waking up in bed together the next morning. But no.

Instead, we have Armando coming home to a still-empty apartment and calling Julia on the phone, which then transports us directly to…

… Lesbian Hell!

Lesbian Hell. Let me show you how it looks.

It starts out innocently enough. Just your typical emo lesbian sleeping on a futon. Alone. Where is Julia, you wonder? Making breakfast? Maybe just sleeping on Mariana’s bed. Why didn’t they sleep in the same bed? Ah well.

But hey, the camera is moving. Where is it going? Oh… there’s Mariana’s bed. And there’s someone in it. I guess it’s Julia. But wait … is that someone with her?


Let us pause for a moment to take this all in.

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