Morning Brew: Monday, July 12 – Lez Chat with Kate Moennig, Clea Duvall, Lucy Lawless and more


Hey dudes. Let’s dig in!

So this Funny or Die clip is meant to be a joke, but I know many of us would probably be interested in calling. Behold “Lez Chat”:

How many lesbians and women who play them on TV did you spot in that clip? Enough to keep you speculating.

Speaking of speculating, if you had your ideas about Crystal Bowersox when she was on American Idol, you might have been right on. Or it could just be that the National Enquirer wants to push papers. From the article:

“Crystal was a free spirit,” an insider told the National Enquirer. “She wasn’t slutty, but if she found someone attractive, whether male or female, she’d give them a chance with her. It was around New Year’s 2002, Crystal was 16 and she and I were chatting with a pal, a younger boy. The conversation got around to our sexual experiences. Crystal wasn’t at all shy. She told me she’d had sexual experiences with three girls. ‘I’m a pro at this, baby!’ she said. She said one affair — with a girl her age at school — was a serious lesbian relationship. The other two were more like sexual experimentation.

And then, apparently, Crystal turned to the “source” and asked, “Do you want to try it?”

I’m inclined not to believe this, considering the source included that tidbit at the end. Also, she made it seem like Crystal is so “free” she’ll hop into bed with just about anyone. I’m sure the girl has some taste.

Indigo Girls fans will love this interview with Emily Saliers at her home in Decatur, Georgia. She’s got a 2000 bottle wine cellar, a private music studio and a gorgeous kitchen, which the Journal asked someone else about:

“There’s something about being in her kitchen that makes you want to be creative,” says Seattle-based singer songwriter Brandi Carlile who likes to hang out there when she’s in town, listening to demos and writing lyrics with Ms. Saliers.

I’d love to hang out in your kitchen, Emily. Brandi can pick me up in Chicago on the way.

And while we’re on the subject of food, here’s a cook book you’ll love. Reel Food from Reel Women includes recipes from Michele Balan, Bridget McManus, Briana Stockton and Nisha Ganatra among others.

Editor Nina Knapp compiled them all “keeping in mind lesbians who like to pot-luck.” You can buy your own copy for $20.

This week, Current TV’s The Rotten Tomatoes show took on a topic we love: Lesbians in Cinema.

Hilarious and true, right? This guy knows his lesbian movies! (Thanks Callie.)

Last night on Big Brother, bisexual contestant Annie told her gay housemate Ragan that she has a girlfriend at home. They instantly bonded. Check it out around the 13:00 mark in the clip below.

Annie says she’s been with her girlfriend for a year and a half and Ragan is all too happy to be the one to she chose to came out to. Aw.

Halle Barry was pictured with her personal assistant, who looks like a lesbian to some people and now makes Halle Barry a lesbian. (Hat tip, Minette!)

Wishful thinking, guys! A leather jacket does not a lesbian make.

A long time ago — as in, like, two years — there was a developing relationship between Ana and Teresa on the Spanish soap Amar En Tiempos Revueltos. Now it appears the two women will finally express their feelings for each other. Catch up on clips of the two at One More Lesbian.

The Sex Education Show is all about, well, sex and its very LGBT-inclusive. If you can’t watch the show because you don’t live in the UK, Channel 4 has a lot of clips and information on their website, including this profile of Michelle, a 23-year-old lesbian whose mom ignored her coming out, saying “You’re too feminine to be gay.” I love when moms can give you insight like that, don’t you? “You’re right, mom. What was I thinking? Hand me my pearls!”

Chew on all that and come back later for our review of The Kids Are All Right. But first, you have to know that our own Bridget McManus scared the s–t out of Mark Ruffalo during their press junket interview. He told Popeater:

“I was doing an interview with a woman on tv and afterward the woman

said, ‘By the way, I’m a lesbian, and you lay off our women.’ At first I thought she was kidding and then I realized she was really serious. She totally meant it. I was like, “Are you

kidding?” She was going to arm wrestle me or something.

Bridget says she was kidding but she would definitely win.


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