“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 14-17


It’s time for another Las Aparicio recap! This time we’ll cover the happenings from episode 14 through 17.


Lady Rafaela is really not a big fan of men. Particularly men that wander into her daughters’ lives. She hates Armando (with good reason). She hates Claudio (also with good reason). And she hates Leonardo (and while no one else knows it, we know it’s with good reason). The lady can smell a rat from really far away, even if she can’t prove it. Doesn’t stop her from trying to get close, though. Which is why her latest plan of action involves going into business with Leonardo (Alma’s boyfriend).


Alma, oh Alma. Your life is so complicated. It’s not enough that the ghost of your ex-husband follows you everywhere and that your daughter is the long lost offspring of Jerry Falwell and Dr. Laura, but your boyfriend is totally lying to you and has a private investigator after you and your family and now your Saintly and Virginal Daughter is dating one of your male escorts from that Top Secret business of yours. Drrrama.

I’m kind of glad I’m not you. But you’re still awesome because you spend all that time between ghost sightings and running a male prostitution ring, openly empowering women and making them feel good about themselves.


Mercedes, Lawyer Extraordinaire, grew closer to Claudio (her partner at the law firm), only to have him confess that he’d lied about the whole fraud fiasco. You know, the one that cost her her house and dragged her ex-husband’s name through the mud, and left her assets frozen, etc. As it turns out, some other partner committed the fraud and ran off with the money to some remote island and it was just easier to blame the dead guy. Mercedes was not happy.

In light of this revelation, she quits the law firm but takes some of her clients. Claudio, who’s grown fond of Mercedes and her hot body, promises to make things better again. He’s going to clear Cheating Husband’s name, and get Mercedes her house back, and everyone is going to live happily ever after.

Rafaela, who’s present for Claudio’s attempts at getting Mercedes to forgive and forget, tells him, “Bitch, you better keep that promise or I’ll cut you.” Only with different words and more sinister glaring.

Julia/Mariana (and Armando)

I’m confident they’re going to drag this storyline out until the end of time but it’s so delicious it’s got me at the edge of my seat.

When last we left these two ladies (and that guy) Mariana had admitted to herself and her girlfriend that she was in love with Julia. Lovely, forbidden Julia. Julia, for her part, was busy dealing with Armando’s sex addiction and trying not to lose her mind in the process.

In order to deal with her feelings, Mariana buries herself in a video project, revealing her feelings to the camera and talking about unrequited love, while simultaneously ignoring Julia’s phone calls.

Julia and Armando spend their time fighting and going to meetings and abstaining from sex. Although, Armando still puts in some secret alone time.

Mariana and Julia then start a film project together about infidelity and interview Alma and Mercedes on camera. Alma’s feelings about infidelity and sex lead Julia to wonder if Armando ever slept with Alma and she grows very paranoid about this until she eventually goes to talk to Alma. Alma is offended that Julia would think that she’d ever sleep with her sister’s boyfriend.

Let’s recall that during Armando’s Long List of Women He Slept With, Julia stops him before he confesses the last one. One that seems to be important. Eek.

Anyway, Julia apologizes for having doubted Alma and goes home and gets angry at Armando for making her doubt her own sister.

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