Afternoon Delight: Meredith Vieira meets Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart meets Tony Soprano


Big Gay Movie Day, eh? The Kids Are All Right and The Girl Who Played With Fire hit theaters today, and if soundtracks are your thing, look no further than that first one. Uh Huh Her and CSS both sing on the Kids Are All Right album. (Hi, Leisha Hailey. We missed you!)

Every gay favorite Kristen Stewart has a new non-Twilight film on the way. In Meet The Rileys, Stewart teams up with veteran superstars James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo, and just go ahead and get your tissues ready, OK?

I’m sold already.

Lady Gaga performed on The Today Show this morning, and Vulture explains it far better than I ever could:

Gaga did a quick, zoned-out interview with Vieira and Ann Curry, in which she thanked her supporters from gay underground clubs, and then she took to the stage, awesomely, writhing and slinking seductively with her crew of sexy, sweaty dancers. Gaga delivered a spirited performance — she growled, she mounted the piano, she flashed side-boob, all for the pleasure of the American masses, watching safely from their living rooms, many of whom were doing spit takes from their cups of tepid coffee.

Here are the highlights:

You know who’s just super hot but we never talk about it? Ann Curry.

Queerty has posted a little photo album called "Does This Softball Uniform Make Rosie O’Donnell Look Like a Lez?"

Verdict: Softball uniforms make everyone look like a lez. Also, that mitt is way too small for her to do any proper fielding.

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Noomi Rapace, thanks to SMB’s suggestion that we honor The Girl Who Played With Fire.

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