The Hook Up: 7-7-2010


I’ve never quite had the social capability to ask a girl for her number. The people I’ve dated I’ve either met through friends or via the internet. Just the other day though, while at a music festival, this girl and I eyed each other a few times, smiles were exchanged, and later somehow ended up sitting right next to each other unintentionally in the oddest place. I felt it was weird fate.

So we talked. At one point I wanted to ask for her number but just couldn’t think of how. I also noticed she was traveling light with no phone on her to potentially give her my information. Needless to say, I created my first regrettable “missed connection.” How do I ask girls for their number? Email? Contact info? Or how do I give them mine so this doesn’t happen again? I know her basic information, if I somehow manage to find her on a social networking site, what’s the protocol to contacting her?

Summer has only begun and the music festivals are just kicking off and I want to prevent this from happening again. Help!

Anna says: The only way to get a girl’s digits is to sack up and ask her already. You’ve got the verve, you just have to take that extra leap. Make it as casual as possible if you’re worried about rejection. An example:

If you’re working the festival circuit — and it certainly seems that you are — then memorize a few upcoming events, and as you’re chatting, tell her something like, “If you like the Jonas Brothers, you should check out this other amazing virginity-obsessed group that’s performing next week. I don’t have all the details, but if you give me your email/Skype username/soul, I’ll find out and get back to you.” Obviously, don’t quote that verbatim or you’ll sound like a telemarketer.

If you liked this pick-up line, you’ll love our three-disc matchmaking set! I’m personally pretty phone-phobic, so I’d much rather ask for an email address, but it’s up to you/her. Some girls are more comfortable using different mediums than others — and don’t forget to carry a pen. Sure, in this day and age, where changing one’s Facebook status is somehow more painful than the actual break up, it’s likely that the person you’re flirting with has a phone/personal computer/crazy Japanese watch that dictates the future, but on the off-chance that she doesn’t, or it died, then having a pen is necessary to get the digits. Also, it’s sexier. Just don’t write her info on your hand. You’ll accidentally wash it, then spend the next seven hours agonizing over what that smudge on your hand used to read.

Finding this girl on a social networking site does seem a touch desperate, but so does calling Subway employees “Sandwich Artists” and that hasn’t stopped me from eating there, so what do I know? If you can find her, send her a brief message, like “Hey, remember me? We met at Lezapalooza the other week. I taught you the ins and outs of breeding alpacas! Are you going to Munchfest this summer? If so, holla!”

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