Emma Thompson does “Lunch”


As far as I’m concerned, we can never see enough Emma Thompson.

I mean, just look at her — she is stunning. She seems to be unaware of her beauty, yet she is confident enough to allow herself to be anything but beautiful.

Thankfully, shortly after we see Thompson return as Nanny McPhee in August, we’ll get to see her in a less jarring role in a new BBC2 production, The Song of Lunch, costarring Alan Rickman.

The story is based on Christopher Reid’s 2009 poem of the same name; a narrative about a publishing house editor (Rickman) who has lunch with an old flame (Thompson) at a Soho restaurant.

Thompson’s character now is wealthy and glamorous, married to a famous writer. Rickman’s character is a failed writer who hates his job and wishes he and Thompson’s character (both are unnamed in the poem) were still together.

I think Thompson, however, would prefer to be with someone else entirely. Whatever she wants, Beth, say yes.

The Song of Lunch is a funny, touching work with well-drawn characters — an unusual quality in a poem — and a strong sense of place that provide a nice setup for the story. You can read excerpts at John Self’s Asylum site.

Fittingly, the drama will be shown on October 7 — National Poetry Day. I hope it shows in the U.S. eventually. I need a dose of Emma.

Does The Song of Lunch sound like a show you want to see? Give us your thoughts on all things Emma.

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