Morning Brew – Thursday, July 1: Katy Perry kisses a girl; lesbians underwhelmed, plus dish on “Kids Are All Right” sex scenes


Hi friends!

Have you ever wanted to see Katy Perry kiss a girl?

Well that was thrilling. Cross it off your list.

Ausiello has given us a tidbit as to when Emily might come out on Pretty Little Liars: Her dad will be coming back in town and he’s going to “get a big shock from his little girl.” I wonder if A will be pushing her out of the closet. I mean, she kind of is already.

This is a spoiler warning for Top Chef fans. Do not read if you haven’t watched this week’s new episode! Skip ahead to the next item with that lovely photo of Dana Delany.

OK well it’s bad news for those of you who stayed: Lesbian cheftestant Tracey got the axe. And boy, did she receive a harsh comment from judge Tom Colicchio on her italian sausage slider: “If that’s what you call Italian food, then it’s almost insulting to Italians, including me.” Ouch. Better luck IRL, Tracey!

Someone tell me I’m being too sensitive about this: Dana Delany was talking to TV Squad about not being married at her age, and she said:

People think I’m a little odd, especially for a woman. If you’re not married by my age there’s something wrong with you or you’re a lesbian or something.

Does this outfit make me look like a lesbian?

Well I guess it’s better than saying “There’s something wrong with you like you’re a lesbian or something.” But still a bizarre comment from a woman who jumped at the opportunity to play a gay woman on Desperate Housewives. I wonder if she goes around telling prospective males, “I only play one on TV!”

Scissor SistersAna Matronic said she was sick of being the only female on the tour bus that she requested another woman’s presence on board.

“I don’t care if she’s a lesbian truck driver that I have nothing in common with or not, but we need estrogen on here.” I got my wish.

That should solidify the idea that the Scissor Sisters have the gayest and most fun tour bus ever.

Actress Keeley Hawes told The Metro UK she still receives tons of letters from fans of Tipping the Velvet.

They’re very loyal. It’s nice to have a lady fan base. Now we have Fingersmith and The Secret Diaries Of Miss Anne Lister with Maxine Peake. Lesbian dramas — they’re two a penny, aren’t they?

We’re hoping to raise it to three soon, Keeley. Feel like starring in another?

If you think filming sex scenes for movies or TV are ever hot for the actors involved, here’s something that might make you think again. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening were “stifled” by the bed linen during work on The Kids Are All Right. From the New York Daily News:

“Julianne had to spend a lot of time under it, and I started to get really worried,” [said director Lisa Cholodenko.]

Cholodenko kept asking Bening: “Is she suffocating down there?”

To which Moore replied from underneath the blanket: “I’m fine under here, let’s keep going!”

In a separate interview, Moore described the sex scenes:

Nothing really happened. It’s like a lot of kind of rolling around.

I have to say that I’m not interested in seeing the movie for the sex, so I’m not too disappointed. This might dissuade some straight males from seeing the movie, though. Their loss!

Speaking of Cholodenko, we are going to have an awesome interview with her for you later today. Until then, listen to her guest DJ on KCRW with some of her favorite songs that also happened to inspire her films. Here she is on one of the tracks she listened to during work on High Art:

“Roygbiv” by Boards Of Canada. Great band. I remember hearing it for the first time; it was right around the time that I had made High Art. The record really captured my imagination and I loved that there was no words. I just loved that I was so taken with a record that was just sonic — it was just sound. It was kind of a relief not to have that concrete narrative, the way that lyrics demand that you have to follow along like this storyline and think about things in a kind of literal way, that it could just be more, sort of, non-verbal, non-visual, just kind of primitive feeling.

If you’ve seen Laurel Canyon, you’ll know Lisa is a huge music fan and was inspired by Joni Mitchell‘s Ladies of the Canyon, part of what makes the film so fabulous. That and Frances McDormand, Kate Beckinsale and a pool.

Lindsay Lohan is truly one of us.

But she didn’t make her pull over in order to woo her, so maybe not. OK, I know not everyone likes Ellen as much as I do. Lindsay might just want to be her friend. That would be an interesting BFF situation.

Lastly, I want to know who wouldn’t want to watch Erin Foley as the latest Bachelorette? Well, besides Nicol Paone. Here’s her video audition:

OK guys — see you tomorrow!

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