Afternoon Delight: “The Real L Word” wants to get you drunk and a Florida doctor wants to cure lesbianism in the womb


Are you looking for another way to survive The Real L Word? Well, don’t worry; Ilene Chaiken, benevolent benefactor of lesbians everywhere, anticipated your need! The Domenico Winery in San Carlos, California is now selling three different TRLW wines! (And no I am not making that up!) I can’t outdo Queerty on this one:

There’s a Chardonnay, a Syrah, and a dessert wine. I have tasted none of them, and I’m the world’s worst sommelier, though I’m pretty sure I sense a terrific mouth feel that really opens up, a complex and needy palette, enough tannin to go well with a creamy cheese, and strawberry on the nose.

Oh, and of course legs to die for.

You know what I love? Superheroes. You know what makes a superhero a superhero? Using your power for good. So cheers to Iceland’s Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, who ushered in a marriage equality bill — without a single dissenting vote — then married her partner, writer Jonina Leosdottir, over the weekend. (Meanwhile, in America, people still can’t stop talking about Elena Kagan’s haircut. Oh, and Twilight — they discussed that at her Supreme Court confirmation hearing this morning, as well.)

It’s that time of year again — networks are rolling out their fall TV schedules. Today, CW announced that Hellcats’ lesbian cheerleader will make her debut on September 8th at 9pm (right after the launch of the 192nd cycle of ANTM). Gossip Girl, 90210, Life Unexpected and the new Nikita will premiere the following week. (GG is going to overlap with Pretty Little Liars. Can you even handle it?)

Can you handle this: Starz has cancelled Party Down. Poor Rob Thomas is just never going to learn that you can’t make good TV and expect to stay on the air. (I’m barely joking.)

How do you feel about it, Chuck Klosterman? reader and intrepid detective Stephanie I let us know that there’s a new bisexual house guest on this season of American Big Brother. I’m serious about the intrepid detective part. This is some of the best investigative journalism I’ve ever seen:

I am a huge fan of Big Brother and every year I hope there’s a gay house guest (obviously). Well, just this morning the house guests were announced and I browsed through all the profiles on the official site. Nothing pointed to any lesbians. But there’s a hot girl whom I then creeped on facebook (don’t lie, you’d probably do it too) and on her profile some of her favourite shows were Ellen DeGeneres and The L Word! (RED FLAG!!) Here’s her bio on the Big Brother page.

Then I went on YouTube and found a couple videos with little interviews of each house guest, and sure enough, Annie says she’s bisexual!”

Stephanie I, please accept this slow golf clap as a token of my appreciation for your stalker skills hard work.

Glee fans, if you’re not already on overload with your Glee karaoke machines and your Glee novels and your Glee albums and your Glee-shaped pasta, here’s something else to get excited about: Oxygen has option the syndication rights for the show (to begin airing in 2011) and they’re developing a Glee reality series. Is there too much of a good thing? Uh huh. But man, I love those BBC Search for the next Maria/Joseph/Dorothy shows.

You know who else deserves some accolades this afternoon? reader El Canguro Rojo who told us to hold the phone because her day just got awesome!

‘Las Aparicio’ to premiere online before on-air debut: Telemundo, the No. 2 U.S. network targeting Hispanics, will for the first time premiere in full a primetime novela across the network’s digital platforms via a hybrid distribution model before the serial’s broadcast debut.

Leveraging MSN technology, Telemundo’s programming move centers on “Las Aparicio,” a 120-episode soap that will launch in August at on a new HD broadband.

Dennis at wrote an article that’s terrifying article in the creepiest of sci-fi ways. In Florida, Dr. Maria New is “treating” babies for lesbianism inside their mother’s wombs.

Her studies involve giving in utero hormone therapy to pregnant mothers of female children who are at risk of CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) … CAH is a serious genetic condition that occurs in one in 15,000 total births worldwide. In children with this syndrome, the adrenal gland overproduces androgens (male steroid hormones). Females with CAH are born with an enlarged clitoris, and both girls and boys with CAH can have a wide range of physical symptoms …

… Dr. Maria New and her colleagues at Mt. Sinai are interested in studies which indicate that girls with this condition are somewhat more likely to turn out to be homosexual or bisexual than the rest of the population.

Serious props to Dennis for shedding light on this atrocity. Give the whole article a read at

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Michelle Rodriguez. Excellent choice, Ava!

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