Styled Out: PDX Fashion


I love Portland, Oregon for so many reasons and since they’re actually making headlines for their upcoming fashion week (I know!) I figured now was as good of a time as any for a mega love post for one of the most rad towns in the Pacific Northwest on the real. Hooray! Time for a Styled Out spotlight on the magical and temperate town.

You may be as surprised as I was to learn that the Rose City’s Fashion Week has been around since 2003 and is the second largest fashion week on the West Coast. This might be old news to some of you who’ve been out here longer than I, but even so, that’s kind of amazing. It’s no shocker that the entire event is based around sustainability in every available form, boasting an impressive runway presentation which sends each designer’s models strutting down a photovoltaic runway, courtesy of SolarWorld. That’s another great thing about this city — it’s like go hard or go home pretty much all over the place and this is just another great example.

Long ago, in one of my first posts for, I professed my love for the Portland based company Sock Dreams but in case you missed that shout out, here’s another — as if I could sing their praises enough. If you’re a sock connoisseur, you will certainly find a pair or two to fall in love with on the site.

When I went to Portland for the first time, I made a point to visit the shop and can assure you, while breath taking as it is to actually be there, browsing the quaint spot, the online selection is just as/if not better than the selection in the store. They ship for free anywhere in the United States and the legs modeling the socks make me want to make my sock dreams sock realities even harder.

Street fashion in Portland is pretty notable, especially in the Hawthorne and Burnside neighborhoods. Unwashed hair braided into long and loose pigtail braids shoved under woolly worn hats; torn up Nike high-tops with brand new laces paired with leggings — that’s a fraction of the awesome that’s walking around in the land of Portland-ia.

I was inspired, did my research and came across this killer fashion blog specific to the city, called Urban Weeds. Now you, too can see the magic first hand. The broads they throw up on their blog are real and actual hot chicks with great style and they also showcase local designers and boutiques, if you like that kind of thing like I do.

Sustainable forever, PDX.

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