New Music Tuesday: 6-29-2010


Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m sorry I missed you all last week, especially with some of my favorite music of the year (Sia‘s We Are Born) but I was busy meeting my brand new baby niece and falling in love at first sight.

It’s a beautiful day in Chicago and I hope it’s the same in your part of the world. This past Sunday was our fair city’s pride parade and did I ever celebrate my gayness! Trish and I even got to hang out with Psalm One and listened to some top secret jams that will be coming to your ears in the near future — and, damn, they are hot.

Now, this week it seems like there are more exciting singles being released than full albums. Kelis has her “4th of July” remixes — perfect for this weekend. Estelle and Kelis’s ex, Nas have put out a collaboration called “Fall In Love," and now I’m feeling awkward that I’ve just put their singles next to each other. But it looks like they like each other OK.

Faith Evans and Snoop Dogg came together on “Way You Move,” Kelly Rowland has a strong single, “Rose Colored Glasses,” and there is a terrible dance remix to Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” which you really don’t need now. On to the next one!

Various ArtistsTerrible Thrills: Volume One (self-released)

Some of you may know Steel Train from their tour with Tegan and Sara, but for those of you who don’t know them, you’re in for a real treat. The boys released their self-titled album today but have an accompanying full-length that is a complete covers album done by some of our favorite ladies.

You’ll also hear the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Holly Miranda, Rachael Cantu,Amanda Palmer and more. The digital download is available exclusively on the band’s website.

Scissor SistersNight Work (Polydor/Universal Records)

You know it’s funny: I’ve loved the Scissor Sisters for such a long time but it wasn’t until maybe two years ago that I understood what their name was about. Does that make me a bad lez? Maybe, but at least I can say I was able to see them perform when it wasn’t hard to buy tickets at a large venue.

The album’s title track, “Night Work” is shear (haha, see what I did there, it’s a pun) disco dance fun that will leave you no other choice but to grin from ear to ear and hope your hot pants still fit so you can climb a box at the club. The rest of the album weaves between musical eras and genres without straying from being wholly Scissor Sisters.

OceanaLove Supply (Ultra Records)

The soulful debut album from Oceana doesn’t necessarily separate her from the rest of the pack but if you’re a fan of Nikki and Rich or Duffy you’ll probably enjoy this.

Before I get into the honorable mentions I want to put out a special message to those of you who live in the Olympia, Washington or Portland, Oregon area – there will be a few benefit concerts coming up to help raise money for Natalie Cox who is currently undergoing cancer treatment and needs to pay completely out of pocket. For more information please go to the Kill Rock Stars website.

Honorable Mentions: Steel Train, Alejandro Escavedo, Wolf Parade, Dwele, 3OH!3 (even though I really don’t like them), Maps & Atlases and Semi Precious Weapons.

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