Morning Brew – Tuesday, June 29: Jamie Babbit will direct a very lesbian “Pretty Little Liars” episode, Crystal Chappell loses


Good morning!

Did any of you watch Huge last night on ABC Family? I kind of loved it. ABC Family is the new The N, which is why I’m psyched to announce that Pretty Little Liars has been picked up for 12 more episodes. Here is how Emily is celebrating!

And we have a hot tidbit for you: Jamie Babbit will be directing Emily’s upcoming coming out episode!

What? An actual lesbian director? Good thinking, ABC Family. “A new kind of family” indeed!

Paper magazine is running a new web series you are going to freak out about. At least, I did, so at least some of you will, too. It’s from director Ry Russo-Young who loves gays. Her moms are lesbians and she grew up in the LGBT community, so she was inspired to create Muscle Top, which follows gay Cyrus and lesbian Debbie as they find each other in NYC and create an all gay pop band. Ry also makes a cameo as Susan, Debbie’s ex. Here are the first two episodes:

So many bonus points for a dog named Sappho and a copy of The Volcano Lover.

A “Fast Car” singalong? Ry Russo-King, I salute you.

Jezebel says there is an upside to all these faux girl-on-girl kisses:

…Maybe the more the general public sees straight women kiss straight women — especially all-American sweethearts like Sandra Bullock — the less an actual lesbian kiss seems deviant or wrong. There are still those who do not approve of any homosexuality, but perhaps seeing Kylie spread a little love, in the spirit of the moment, will have those people wondering what the big deal is.

Homophobes don’t deserve to see beautiful women kissing! But I know that’s unfair of me. They should be subjected to the same publicity stunts we are.

Do you know who has it so rough? Collen Gavin on Rescue Me. I mean, she’s “been a lesbian, a born-again Christian and run away from home with her rock-musician boyfriend.” Natalie Distler, who plays Colleen on the FX series, says:

Her whole life has been a crazy string of events, one thing after another. What else could happen to the poor girl?

Anything but a lesbian again! That was just so rough. Rescue Me makes its return to television tonight, if you’re so inclined.

Fan of Lizzy the Lezzy? Join her for a live Twitter chat with the Sundance Channel today at 12 p.m. EST. #lizzythelezzy.

Sad to say that Crystal Chappell did not win the Daytime Emmy for Best Actress in her role as Olivia on Guiding Light. Even the L.A. Times thought she’d take home the trophy, but it went to Maura West of As the World Turns. She still looked fierce, though.

Martina Navratilova did an interview with the Montreal Gazette about going through radiation and recovery for her breast cancer. Then she discusses her career, coming out and what she loves best about the game.

We have a new episode of Webseries the Webseries coming for you today as well as our first recap of Las Aparicio. Come back when you can!

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