Premiere’s 25 Best Movie Posters Ever


by Sarah Warn

Premiere magazine has posted their list of The
25 Best Movie Posters Ever
, most of which, not surprisingly, were made before
the turn of the century (Breakfast at Tiffany, Rosemary’s Baby,
The Seven Year Itch
etc.), back when movie posters were more about art
than enhanced breasts (Tomb Raider and Deep Blue Sea, anyone?).

The poster for Jodie
Foster’s 1991’s film Silence of the Lambs was one of the few modern
ones that made the list, because if you "look very closely at the death’s
head moth covering star Jodie Foster’s mouth, there appears to be an image of
humans forming a skull on its back."

Yeah, that’s why the poster is so mesmerizing. It’s the skulls. And we’re all
looking at the guns in the Tomb Raider poster.

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