Morning Brew – Friday, June 25: “America’s Got Talent” has a lesbian, Mexican actress Kenia Gazcón comes out


It’s Friday!

You guys have to watch this video from America’s Got Talent. It’s 75-year-old Sally, the hand whistler from Portland, Oregon. After she auditions, she tells the judges she has also written a book about her hand whistling. But once she hands a copy over to judge Howie Mandel she says, “Be careful which passage you read — they’re not all about hand whistling.” After hoots and hollers from the crowd, she says, “Among other things, it’s a coming out story.” The crowd goes wild.

And the charming Sally makes it through to Las Vegas. (Thanks Pamela!)

Mexican actress Kenia Gazcón has come out of the closet. reader Paolo translated Gascon’s statement for us:

I spent all my life pretending, being someone else to please everyone or because I was afraid of lose job opportunities. Sometimes, you just do everything to stay in the business and at the end you lose yourself.

Gascon has been with her partner, Andrea Vince, for six years. That’s a long time to keep secret. Congrats Kenia!

Reader Elsa turned us on to this new Portugese film that opened yesterday. It’s called Duas Mulheres (aka Two Women).

Elsa gave us the plot description, too:

It’s about a 40-year-old psychiatrist, called Joana (Beatriz Batarda) who is married to Paulo, a high power a financial executive. But when Joana meets Mónica (Débora Monteiro) she is irresistibly attracted to her and both become romantically involved. This takes Joana to a liberating world of experiences and feelings. An adventure that is a far cry from the futility that haunts Joana in her daily life. But it will be a brief journey, since the discovery of this romance forces Paulo to take drastic measures and order is established through crime. But for Joana, the experience (real or imaginary, we’ll never know) will be unforgettable. The truth is, you can’t kill a woman… much less two.

Late in life lesbians! Can’t you see Meredith Baxter and Kelly McGillis fighting over the role in the American adaptation already? It’ll go to Julianne Moore.

It appears that the script from Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story has leaked and star Lindasy Lohan will be doing some bizarre sexual scenes. So far, none involve other ladies. wants to know where the hell Black Swan is. I, too, am wondering. I want my one second sepia-toned glimpse of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis embrace in the trailer already!

Have an awesome weekend. It’s Pride here in Chicago, so you know I will!

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