Morning Brew: Friday, June 18 – Anna Paquin’s beau supports her bisexuality, Amber Rose talks about her own


Friday! I hope you guys have a great weekend. Let’s get it started with something that made my day.

Snoop Dogg loves his Sookie.

Did you catch that at the end where he asked her to “bring a friend”? Anna Paquin might be into women but Sookie seems pretty straight-laced. But while we’re on the topic, Anna’s co-star/hubby-to-be Stephen Moyer said he wasn’t shocked when she came out.

He told Playboy:

It wasn’t something that was kept from me. I condone what she has done 100 per cent. It’s her business to talk about it, not mine. It doesn’t change anything. I’m proud of who she is.

He should totally join PFLAG.

So should Kanye West. His ex-girlfriend Amber Rose is known for being bisexual as well. She recently posed for YRB magazine and talked with them about her sexuality.

The thing that people don’t understand when it comes to a relationship with a man or woman is that it’s not about sex at all, even though that’s the first thing that pops in your head. It’s about the love and the vibe you get from the person, and I believe you can find that in anyone.

Well said, woman. Now, we know you’re pals with Nicki Minaj. Next time, give us a hint on if there’s anything more than a friendship going on there.

Kylie Minogue once issued a statement to confirm she wasn’t bisexual after reports said otherwise. But now, upon the release of a new album, she’s telling the press she’d love to stage a kiss with a girl for “shock value,” and that the usual suspects top her list.

Angelina Jolie‘s experienced, so that helps. But as far as hot girls go, Scarlett Johansson. Megan Fox‘s beautiful as well.

I love how Megan Fox has creeped her way onto the Angie and ScarJo list of safe bets for straight women. Is it the tattoos? The lips? The dark hair? It certainly wasn’t Jennifer’s Body. Something tells me Kylie hasn’t seen it.

The other day I told you about a “nasty lesbian sex scene” from The Devil’s Tomb. Well, I think the 1980 cult film Satan’s Baby Doll has that one beat. According to a review of the new DVD, the final scene is “a naked lesbian murderous sex romp with a corpse.”

Naked lesbian death romp not appropriate. Here are two live ones from the film instead

Listen, lesbians having sex with corpses is a ridiculous myth that we’ve been trying to clear up for years! Not really — I’m pretty sure that this movie is the only time I’ve ever heard about this. Some straight dude director probably dreamed this up, so I blame him for thinking gay women would want to do it with a dead person. We are only trying to turn your real life daughters/sisters/mothers gay, guys.

Want an interesting read on The Real L Word? The Futon Critic talked with the Magical Elves, the team who worked with Ilene Chaiken to develop the show, and they divulge some behind-the-scenes info. They say they were working on their own “similar show with a group of lesbians in New York City” when they decided to work with Ilene. They changed it to L.A. to capitalize on what The L Word had already built.

On their audience:

It’s interesting. We had a little event last week to celebrate a few of our shows coming up [and] we showed some footage from each of the shows and I’d say there was a fair amount of straight male interest in “The Real L Word” based on what people saw.

Really? I can’t believe that! Straight men will want to watch femmey dykes use strap-ons? You’re kidding!

Speaking of, the show premieres on Sunday and we’ll be doing both a live Tweetup and a live blog! We want you to participate with us, of course. So if you’re on Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtag #realLwordAE. I’ll post the liveblog right here on 10 minutes before the show starts, and we’ll have screencaps, comments from readers and staff, and other musings about the show as it unfolds. Please join us on Sunday night at 10 p.m. EST and follow along with our Twitter handles: @trishtype, @karmankregloe, @thelinster, @hhhoagie, @gracethespot, @daranai and @afterellen.

See you Sunday!

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