Styled Out: Shred your shorts


I’d like to see a full on comeback of the long denim cut-off short. It’s summertime on the real (except if you’re in Australia or somewhere, sorry about that) and the old standby seems to have been trumped by short shorts that you can buy pre-cut and pre-shredded for your ultimate convenience.

I’m sorry, what? How ridic is that? Take a more beat up pair of the skinnies, put them on and mark them just above your knee cap and cut away. One spin through the wash with the laundry you probably had to catch up on anyway and shazam! your new favorites have been re-born and re-purposed. With some glittery Tom’s and a worn white T-shirt, you’ll be the definition of dyke chic without looking so calculated. Swap the sparkle for a more subtle tone of kicks and you have instant alternative to the aforementioned femme version.

For the love of the goddess, give your old Converse sneakers the glory they deserve! It seems like most of you have decided to put your old buddies on a shelf somewhere only to replace them with cheap canvas with faulty laces. Summer is the season of the dirty, weathered All-Star! They’ll look so good with your new cut-offs.

It’s cool to stray from the flock a bit but there really are good elements of the lingering re-visit to the ’90s that I’ll keep around for a minute. I live in the land of grunge rock’s birth and flannels are a permanent pacific northwest staple that have also stuck their claws in the backs of hipsters seemingly for all eternity. An over-sized, un-buttoned, overly loved flannel shirt is the perfect replacement for your hoodie or fitted denim jacket.

It’s such an ironic throw back that I can’t believe I haven’t worn it yet, especially over my tattered Veruca Salt tour T from 1996. An original band T-shirt from your youth is the icing on the cake and will be a healthy dose of nostalgia for all those forced to look at you. Calgon, take me away!

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