Morning Brew – Wednesday, June 16: Cameron Diaz could do a girl but not be a lesbian, Kathy Griffin’s gay “D-List” premiere


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Did you catch the season premiere of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List last night? It was all about her episode of Law & Order: SVU where she played a gay activist named Babs Duffy. Kathy decided to make Babs a “lipstick lesbian” in faux fur and heavy make-up, but the wardrobe crew did not agree.

Kathy was psyched on her lesbian kiss with Mariska Hargitay, which they showed her shooting. But we watched with Kathy and her mom, Maggie, as they aired the episode and the kiss was cut. She was disappointed, especially when her mom claimed it had to have been her fault. She was probably “too aggressive.”

Also, Bridget McManus was on the episode for a hot second. Can you find her?

TheFrisky chatted with Margaret Cho about hew new album Cho-Dependent, writing a song called “Camel Toe” with Ani Difranco and how gay women tend to stick it out in the stand-up scene longer than straight women.

A quote:

It’s interesting; a lot of women who are successful in comedy are lesbians. Or they have a fluid kind of gender identity, like I do. I am very fluid in that capacity. … But you can’t really be a successful female comic if you give a s–t what guys think at all. So a lot of heterosexual women end up dropping out because they just care too much about what guys think. I think that’s why there’s always lesbians who take over because they don’t care. It’s just an element to their personalities that helps them get by. That’s the closet explanation I can see. The women comedians that are out there generally are gay. The community itself is not supportive to women and so you don’t have it on the inside and you don’t have any kind of building or a connection; it’s just hard.

Besides that, lesbians are a committed crowd. So when there are lesbian comedians, there are lesbians coming to laugh at them. Including me. Tonight I’m going to see the Queer Queens of Qomedy at Zanie’s in Chicago and on Saturday, Erin Foley will be in town for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. I’ll be LOLing all week!

The actual diaries of Anne Lister have become so popular that they are getting their own exhibit at the Halifax Central Library. Sarah Shooter, of the West Yorkshire Archive Service, told the press: “We would never normally do this type of thing with an original document but there has been so much interest in her since the TV programme.” So if you’re close enough to be able to check them out, I can imagine it’d be pretty cool to see. Who doesn’t love being able to read someone else’s diary? It’s like the original hacking.

Nurse Jackie‘s lesbian creator Linda Wallem is the only woman on the Hollywood Reporter‘s Emmy Roundtable of comedy showrunners. The men include Doug Ellin (Entourage), Ryan Murphy (Glee), Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men) and Steven Levitan (Modern Family).

Check out Ellen’s stunt double — the one she doesn’t know she has. (Thanks Candy!)

Cameron Diaz told Playboy that having sex with a woman doesn’t make you a lesbian. All over the world, straight men are scratching their heads in confusion. Specifically, she said:

Sexuality and love can be different things. I can be attracted to a woman sexually, but it doesn’t mean I want to be in love with a woman. If I’m going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian.

Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu are not lesbians

Forget lesbian kisses — the new trend is straight women saying “Who knows? Maybe someday I could be persuaded into kissing another woman? Who knows?” It’s true, Cameron — sexuality is fluid and you could totally fall for a woman at some point in your life. Also, it wouldn’t necessarily make you a lesbian. But I’m thinking that these “could possibly maybe” statements are akin to “no homo.” Like if Cam is ever caught on camera frenching another chick, don’t think she’s gay, because she once told a nudie mag that she might do it. NO HOMO.

Great news! Kiana Firouz has been granted refugee status in the UK, which means she will not be forced to go back to Iran where she would certainly be punished harshly for being a lesbian and making a film about her life. Thank you, officials, and to everyone who helped spread the word about Kiana.

FYI: Hot in Cleveland debuts tonight on TVLand. Liz Feldman is one of the show’s writers.

Come back today for a new episode of Gay Girls Who Game and an interview with Ilene Chaiken — seriously!

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