Morning Brew – Monday, June 14: Megan Fox gets close with a mannequin twin, a lesbian wows on Israel’s TV singing contest


Good morning! Have a nice weekend?

This certainly isn’t going to help the myth that gay women are simply narcissists. Bisexual actress Megan Fox has posed for Interview magazine with a mannequin that looks just like her. Here are a few of the shots:

It’s kind of like Lars and the Real Girl, but Megan Fox doesn’t look like your average girl, so of course she’s not your average mannequin. Some might argue that the mannequin can’t say stupid things or date Brian Austin Green. I think I still prefer live action, you know, humans.

Check out Kate McKinnon in this sketch about a BP Coffee Spill.

Fierce wig, girl.

Cynthia Nixon is in the new issue of Self magazine on the very back page as June’s “Selfy Star.” She gives you “7 Things Worth Repeating.” Here’s one: “Spending time with my girlfriend keeps our relationship healthy. Christine has cultivated a love of theater because of me, and we go frequently. I’ve done the same with travel for her.” Does this mean I’ll start loving science, home renovation and Iron Man? I’m trying!

In the B-movie The Devil’s Tomb, there is apparently “some of the nastiest lesbian sex you’re ever going to see.” And a reviewer of the DVD notes, “I don’t mean nasty in the sense that it’s hot and nasty. It’s actually pretty gross.”

OK, spoiler!

It’s gross because Taryn Manning literally licks Stephanie Jacobsen‘s wounds. But otherwise, it appears watchable! (I’m biased — I love Taryn Manning. Boomkat forever.)

Last year, I told you that Heather Matarazzo is starring in a new film from Fat Girls director Ash Christian. The movie, Mangus, is in post-production, which means we’re so close to seeing it, and I can’t wait. The only way to speed up the process is to help donate to getting it finished, as it is all independently funded. Did I mention it also stars Jennifer Cooldige?

Israeli reader Iris tipped us off to out lesbian contestant Noa Doitch on her country’s version of American Idol, Kohav Nolad.

Iris tells us Noa auditioned with the song “I”m not a Man, Nor Woman,” an original song she’s written because people always ask her if she’s a dude. When she made it through to the next round, she kissed her girlfriend in celebration.

Noa reminds me of an Israeli Brandi Carlile. We’ll keep you posted on her progress on the singing competition.

Later today, check back for a True Blood recap from yours truly, a review of Rachel Maddow on Bill Maher and more fun stuff, per usual.


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