Lesbian Scientistics: 2010 Hot 100 Edition


Another AfterEllen.com Hot 100 has come and gone and it kind of feels like an epic sugar crash. Of course, that could be because I just took out the intravenous caffeine drip that’s been keeping me awake for the last 72 hours. But you know me: I’m not going to fall asleep at my desk until I apply some patented Lesbian Scientistics to this year’s list of winners.

First up is — I think — my crowning achievement as a Lesbian Scientician. This was our most internationally diverse Hot 100 ever. Americans snagged 63 spots, but does that mean the United States has the hottest women in the world? Nope. Not even a little bit. See, because America has a population of 309 million, whereas, say, Canada has a population of 34 million. That’s ten times more women to choose from! So, I made myself a spreadsheet and calculated which country had the most representation on our Hot 100 list per capita.

Canada, if you’d just had one more woman on the list, you would have knocked the U.S. out of the top five!

Now, onto the real math and science.

Anyone out there wondering how to snag a top spot on next year’s list? Here’s a matrix to help you out.

Imagine Me & You co-stars Piper Perabo and Lena Headey have made the Hot 100 every year so far, but this year’s rankings were especially significant for them.

As I mentioned on Twitter last weekend, after spending 20 hours sorting through photos of hot women, it’s hard to ever remember a time when I was an accountant. (True facts! How else would I know so much about spreadsheets?)

Meet me back here next year, lezzers! Just like Gossip Girl, I have every piece of information you could ever possibly need — and you know I love you. XOXO.


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