“Nurse Jackie” mini-cap: Lez do lunch


If you’ve been missing genuine sexual tension between women on TV, you obviously missed Monday night’s episode of Nurse Jackie.

This tweet from our friend and occasional blogger scribegrrrl summed it up quite well:

Yummmm is right. Dr. Eleanor O’Hara and foreign correspondent Sarah Khouri are the hottest couple on the small screen this week. Even Jesus thinks so.

(And, in case you have an open slot on your Hot 100 list, O’Hara is played by Eve Best. Not that I would ever try to influence you. Ahem.)


If you’ve ever been with two people in lust, you know exactly how Jackie feels when she goes to lunch with Eleanor and Sarah. Here’s a clip.

I get the feeling that Jackie doesn’t quite trust Sarah. And granted, the fact that this was supposedly the One Great Love of Eleanor’s life but she had never told Jackie is a bit of a red flag. I think most of us need a straight BFF when we fall in lust — someone who won’t get distracted in the face of hotness.

But by the episode’s end, Jackie sees Sarah in the waiting room, consoling the husband of a just-deceased Iraq War veteran. “Is she always this … ?” Jackie asks Eleanor. “Yeah,” Eleanor says. Jackie looks thoughtful; maybe Khouri is for real after all.

Is Sarah Khouri too good to be true? The storyline continues next week. Let us know what you think about how things are going.

Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed that Jackie looks like a wearier, sadder Ellen DeGeneres?

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