Morning Brew: Thursday, April 22



All is not lost for the lesbian storyline on Desperate Housewives. The show’s executive producer told that they’d “love to have [Dana Delany back” but hope her pilot gets picked up. However, if it doesn’t, creator Marc Cherry says she has an “open invitation to return next season.”

Is it so wrong if I hope that Katherine returns to being Desperate? It must be nice for her to know she’s got job security either way.

Bridget McManus sent me this video of Kim Kardashian on a talk show, in which she invites the female host to grab her famous butt.

I never knew Bridget was a fan of juicy booty, but maybe she just wanted to share it with all of you who give it two thumbs up.

The Blow (nee Khaela Maricich) will release a new EP and play select tour dates this spring.

The incredibly queer Khaela is working with installation and sound artist Melissa Dyne for her live dates and the press release notes that Dyne will “augment the live Blow performances and recordings with her expertise in acoustics, light, and spatial phenomena.” I love it already.

Check out this new video from behind-the-scenes at Anyone But Me.

Rachael Hip-Flores and co. are not giving too much away but we can all create some things in our heads. I’m thinking Vivian and Sophie get chummy, if you know what I’m saying.

A big celebrity is poised to come out on May 5 in People Magazine and on several talk shows. Who is it and why do they love Cinco de Mayo? We don’t know much else, but we can all speculate. I’d love for it to be one of the women we love to gossip about, but I’m thinking it’ll be someone more male, like Anderson Cooper.

Whoever that person is, they better get ready to become a paparazzi target. Ellen DeGeneres is becoming a victim lately, with The National Enquirer quoting “a source” on how “rundown” she is lately. Portia, you can’t blame her for being too tired sometimes. She’s got, like, 10 jobs. Now get on that Arrested Development film set already!

And in a WTF move, reported on Melissa Etheridge‘s meeting with ex Julie Cypher. They share two children, so that’s not too odd, Radar! Paparazzi have so many things to learn about lesbians, like that we are often friendly with exes.

Mila Kunis told The Daily Telegraph that her role as a ballerina in Black Swan has her no longer fascinated with ballet. “Everything that has to do with ballet is a different lifestyle,” she said. “No 26-year-old should pretend to be a professional ballerina. It will take a toll on your body. It will take a toll on you mentally.”

She also noted she went on a diet for the role, “because I have to have bones sticking out.” This film makes me curiouser and curiouser. Still no release date. Boo!

See you Friday, friends!

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