Styled Out: Lindsay Lohan preps her fall collection


Oh, Lindsay — here she goes again. Lindsay’s 6126 has now been expanded to include mini-dresses, vests and hoodies in an entirely revamped collection composed of 280 (yeah, count it) new pieces. Word on the street is that even though our favorite party girl may be unavailable to chat directly about the new additions to the line, she’s certainly involved from start to finish with every fabric, detail and button on the pieces in her clothing line.

One of the ideas for the fall fashion line is to expand it so that it can transform one from day to night with ease. If you’re one who cares about this sort of thing (and I am one who cares about this sort of thing), that’s kind of awesome. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to schlep a backpack to school or work just so I can jazz myself up to look presentable for said night time event.

Did you know in the two years that her line has been in existence that it’s gone from being sold by 200 different retailers to 500? It’s shocking even to me, and, believe me, I window shop a lot. Holy mother of God, that girl has got some pull that we don’t even know about, including big names such as Nieman Marcus and Planet Blue. Even though she’s seemingly laying off the girls lately, she’s still taking on a total lesbian-esque feel with her fall line, mixing leather and lace — a total “hard edge” while still maintaining soft femininity. Strangely Sapphic, no?

For the record, my favorite gal pal is still keeping her signature leggings as the focus for all that she does style wise. The upside for all of you completely uninterested in mini dresses or leggings in your own wardrobe is her unabashed self promotion in the ad campaign for the fall launch — think Lilo in knee high leather boots and short shorts. Need I say more?

What do you think? Does this branching out making you want to dedicate yourself to our little redheaded friend even more?

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